It’s Valentine season and turns out when you have a kid, you are in charge of Valentines, even if they’re a baby. This is something I definitely didn’t think about last year when nugget started his first week of daycare the week of Valentine’s Day.

Alas, my Cricut saved me and I cranked out some simple valentines really quickly the night before. I wanted to share these in case someone else was in the same spot.

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Dino-mite Valentine

What you’ll need:

Alright if you want to create your own valentine, follow along. If not, scroll to the bottom for the link to my project in Design Space 🙂

I knew I wanted a dinosaur cut out with “You’re dino-mite” written on top as my design. To start, insert a square, then find a dinosaur image you like and insert that. I was fond of the brontosaurus…

Add your text on top using a writing font. For good measure, I changed the color of “dino” to stand out. Rearrange the text and dino image on your square until you’re happy. Slice the dinosaur and the square, deleting the extra pieces you so just have the square with a dino cut out left. Attach the text on top. Insert another square to be slightly larger in the background. This will be the color of the dinosaur peeking through.

Write and cut your design using your Cricut machine. Glue the front and back pieces together and you’re done!

Ta da – cute valentines! If you feel like you need to add something to them, tape some candy to the back or punch a hole in the corner and use some ribbon to tie it to a play dinosaur.

TLDR, use my project on Design Space and scrap card stock to make these for free and in just a few minutes. Change the name and you’re off!

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