One of our favorite things to gift each other is art. I’m a huge fan of buying a piece that you love and finding a place for it because if you love it, it’ll fit in with your home (and be a primary way to give your home personality). We have a mixture of prints and originals and if you want some unique art on a budget, prints are a great way to go.

Over the years I’ve had people ask us where we find art and pick out pieces, so I thought I’d do a lil series about the art we have around our house, room by room, and the stories behind them.

First up, the guest room & bathroom!

We happened upon this fish a few years ago when we were in our first home. We used to check out our favorite furniture and antique stores on Sunday after brunch and saw it in one of the booths. The wooden background caught our eye, so we picked it up and it lived above the guest bed. Now it’s on the wall as you come in and nugget loves to walk into the room and look at it.

The Charleston map is a print from my friend and former co-worker, Lisa, who is a designer. I just always thought it was a neat way to represent the peninsula and put it in the guest room since we have a sort of Charleston theme in there.

I have a thing with pelicans (I tried to adopt one after the oil spill in 2010) and we happened upon this during one of our antique browsing trips. His name is Evan and the navy blue mat helps tie the guest room and guest bathroom together as you walk across the hall.

I also have a thing for sailboats because of my dad and my sister-in-law gave me this print one year for Christmas. Like Evan, the colors just worked perfect for this space with the towels.

I’m still working on getting the rest of our art framed and in it’s perfect place after the renovation, so I’ll slowly keep sharing. Maybe this will be the motivation I need to get those hung!

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