It’s time for this year’s “create an easy, yet age appropriate valentine for a kid” task. I still can’t believe I created some last year for a 3 month old, but with classmates he loves to play with, it seemed legit this year.

The school asked for parents to send in some snacks for their Valentine’s Day party, so I knocked out 2 birds with 1 stone and made some “You’re a peach” stickers to go on top of fruit cups I was sending in. Genius.

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“You’re a Peach” Valentine Stickers

What you’ll need:

I wanted to keep this simple: a circle with “you’re a peach” written on it and a peach cut out that I could put on top of the fruit cup. I created a quick design in Illustrator and uploaded it to Design Space as a print then cut design.

Tip: Email me for my file!

I found a peach shape in Design Space and added it to the middle of my design and attached them together. Lastly, resize the design to fit your fruit cup. Mine was about 2.75″ wide. Duplicate for however many stickers you need.

You’ll load your sheet of vinyl into the printer to print the design first. Then you’ll put it on your mat to cut the peach and circle out. Just stick to the top of your cups and you’re done!

Why printable vinyl and not the sticker paper? I’ve had issues with the sticker paper being too thick to properly load and print in my printer and found the vinyl worked better.

Not bad for a quick (and healthy?) valentine for your child! Especially if you have a toddler who doesn’t need candy. 🍑

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