I loved how the blended paint bunnies turned out for my Easter basket, so decided to make a few more to create a garland for spring!

Painted Blue Bunnies Garland

What you’ll need:

  • 12 wooden bunnies (aff link)
  • Light blue acrylic paint
  • Dark blue acrylic paint
  • Baker’s twine
  • Hot glue gun

Start by putting 2 dots of a darker blue and 1 dot of a lighter blue acrylic paint on a bunny. Place another bunny on top and twist them around to blend the paint. When you pull them apart, use the other to smear paint over if any areas still need paint.

Let them dry over night.

The wooden bunnies I got already had a hole cut into them which saved a step on my end, but I needed to add some hot glue to where they were threaded through the baker’s twine so they would face forward. Thread the twine through one side and then put a touch of hot glue on the back (or front depending on how the bunny is facing) for the twine to stick to.

Repeat at the same distance for all of your bunnies, then hang on your mantle!

I found a cute carrot garland to go with them and love how the colors pop together. Easter and spring are usually filled with pastels and I love the darker blue / tye-dye feel that these bunnies have. A little something different!

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