Time to continue the art series! I started in the guest room and we’re continuing down the hallway and into the kitchen. The kitchen and that hallway are a busy area, so we wanted the art here to be special and really show off our personality and tell you about us.

This is La Pedrera in Barcelona. Mom and I went on a trip there in October 2012 and just loved exploring all the streets. The first night we came across La Pedrera at night, all lit up and it was beautiful. We came across this painting in a small shop in the Olympic Village and although I loved it, I didn’t get it. When we got back to the US, I regretted it and after a few weeks of searching and then emailing the owner in Spanish, I got ahold of it! Mom gave it to me for my birthday that year.

This is another night scene, but this time of downtown Charleston on Broad Street, by Danielle Cather-Cohen. It’s a smaller print that I beefed up with a white mat and frame and greets you as you walk up from the living room. These are two cities that I love and they had to go near each other.

Yup, we have Chickfila art in our house. Hunter came across Patrick Lewis’s art and we both loved the unique style and his subjects: Chickfila, bourbon, colleges, Augusta National, etc. When I saw the Chickfila cup, I knew I had to have it and it now proudly hangs over our kitchen table.

The 3 of those play nicely together and I love how I can see all of them when I look out of the kitchen down the hall. Lots of blues that also plays off the blue island in the kitchen.

The last piece is this Jordan Connelly print of Pitt Street Bridge. I gave it to Hunter last year and we leaned it on the counter.. it’s still there because it makes us happy seeing it when you walk into the kitchen. A happy place and pretty colors!

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