This has been months in the making… cleaning out and organizing my craft room. After the renovation, I haphazardly threw stuff in the closets and drawers because I didn’t have the time to go through it (life with a newborn, eh?) and it’s been a mess ever since.

Now that I’m fully remote and this is my office all day, the time has come to declutter the mess. The easy win was my desk drawer. I reused my old jewelry case (aka a fishing tackle box) to organize the smaller pieces and threw out a lot of old papers.

The closet was the bigger project. I lost a shelf in the renovation (we opted for taller shelves), so everything was just crammed in and disorganized.

My card stock, felt, chipboard and fabric was all stacked up and falling over, so I grabbed 2 of these divider cubes from Michaels to start my organization. Naturally, I did things in ROYGBIV and can now see it all!

Outside of that, I just took everything out of the closet, went through each box and reorganized it all. The organizer in me LOVED the few nights it took to do this.

The last step was adding some labels to my containers so I knew where everything was. I used the same process as I did last year with my decor bins, but had to resize a few for the smaller containers.

Now you can see the transformation from chaos to organized!

So. Much. Better.

I’m not overwhelmed when opening that closet anymore and know exactly where things are. Plus I was able to clean out a ton of things and give them to others in the area that wanted them. A win-win.

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