It’s the week of Mother’s Day and I’m sharing a quick way to make a cute flower card with artwork from your little one.

Mother’s Day Flower Card

What you’ll need:

  • Kid’s scribble art, otherwise drawing paper & crayons / markers / paint
  • Scissors
  • Blue card stock
  • Glue
  • Green marker

Remember how you made snowflakes as a kid? This will be a similar method, but we’ll cut flowers instead. Take some of your child’s artwork and cut it into a square. Fold it over 4 times (crease over crease like for the snowflake). Cut a U on the end opposite the fold to create a petal shape. Unfold to see your flower. Use the first one to practice.

Glue a few flowers to some blue card stock. Add a stem and leaves with a green marker. Your flowers are complete!

Check out my Instagram for a Reels video with step by step instructions too.

To make this a lil more fun (and because I have terrible handwriting), I had the Cricut write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the other side and turned them into cards to mail to family.

Don’t forget to make one for yourself! Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

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