Here’s something I never thought I’d make – bridal wrapping paper! Using pens and letting Cricut do the doodling, I turned plain printer paper into a sheet of wrapping paper in minutes to wrap a small gift for a bridal shower.

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DIY Wrapping Paper with Cricut Pens

What you’ll need:

The hardest part of creating this was putting together the design, but you can take advantage of mine here.

If you want to create your own.. insert a bunch of images and set the operation to draw. Arrange them to create your design and change the colors to the pens you’ll be using for a more realistic view.

Put your paper on your mat, load it in the machine and start drawing. You’ll swap out pens a few times until each color is done.

Then just wrap your gift and admire the fun design!

Not bad for some unique wrapping paper in a few minutes! I can’t wait to create more for other occasions.

You can find the canvas on Design Space here and my Reel on the process here.

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