I recently saw a project on @LittleHappyLearners to make Super Dad handprint art and loved the idea for Father’s Day, so made it happen over the last week. You can make this project a few ways, but here’s what I did:

Are you seeing a theme with my projects lately? Lot of paint, and tin human hands & feet haha.

Super Dad Handprint Art

What you’ll need:

  • White card stock (8×11)
  • Red paint
  • Blue paint
  • Tiny human
  • Wipes
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Paint brush (or finger)
  • Skin tone colored pencil
  • Black pen
  • Scrap yellow card stock
  • Red pen

First get a footprint in blue and hand print in red. Let it dry. I did this on another sheet of paper and then cut out the pieces to put on my white card stock (since it’s challenging to get the handprint / footprint where you want it). Tape the footprint and handprint so that the footprint is super dad’s body and the hand is the cape coming off the back.

Use some blue paint to create the arms, the colored pencil to add hands and a head and the black pen for hair and the face. Cut out a small yellow shield and add the Superman S to it. Tape that down.

I also added “SUPERDAD” in gold iron on because I have terrible handwriting, but you can easily write that with a pen. Voila – cute Father’s Day craft done!

Happy Father’s Day!

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