I’m back with another look into the art in our home!

Our bedroom has a mix of blues, greens and orange to with the gray and white walls and a lot of that was intentional because of art!

One of Hunter’s friends from home, Chelsea Hayes, painted this marsh scene of Kiawah Island. Once I saw it, I knew I wanted it in our bedroom with the pretty blues and greens and pop of orange. That painting inspired the pillow and helped distinguish the room from the others with all the blue.

I got Hunter this Jenn Griffith Amen Corner Masters canvas a few years ago. I loved the different take on that hole, the personal touch with my Grandmom, and knew it’d eventually have a place in our home. We finally had those 2 paintings framed and hung after the renovation.

My friend, Lisa, introduced me to Jay Fletcher‘s work and his Charleston line work print in Charleston green. When he sold a few more prints, I had to get one. It was in my office in our last home, but I knew I wanted the touch of green in our room this time. It’s hung in the bathroom and I can see it in the mirror every day!

I came across Claire W Design when I was looking for a gift for Hunter and fell in love with her watercolor golf course prints. She has a ton of courses, so I picked one that was special to us to give him: The Ocean Course at Kiawah! You may have heard of it recently 😉 This is hung by his vanity and you can see it from the shower. I like to study it and re-walk through the course in my head.

We clearly have a blue / green and golf / Kiawah theme in here that I love. Each of these pieces (like all of them) has a unique story behind them that I think about every time I look at them.

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