I’m back with another edition of “Stuff We Use” for 12-18 months! Also, how is he already closer to 2 than 1???? At this point, we do a lot of playing: Before school, after school, after dinner, etc.. we are always into something so most of this is focused on things to learn and play with.

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Still Favorites

  • Collapsible wagon: Summer time = beach and this is constantly being used. It’s the only way I can take him (and our stuff) to the beach alone. Plus who doesn’t like a wagon ride?
  • Foam letters / numbers: These are still a favorite during bath time as he puts them on the tile wall and asks what each letter is.

Outdoor Play

  • Bike seat & helmet: We got bikes last year and always knew we’d get a seat for him too. We use them all the time – especially when going to feed the turtles in the pond.
  • Big dump truck: This and the basketball hoop were clearly the favorites from Christmas. I have no idea where his grandparents found this, but we used to play with it inside (when it was cold) and we’d push him around. Now it lives on the porch and he collects pine cones and sticks from the yard in it. Plus he loves his smaller dump truck that we use at the beach & pool.
  • Water table: We go this for the porch this spring and he loves it, even if there isn’t water in it.
  • Neoprene bag: I was in between this and a Bogg bag, but the Bogg bag was so expensive. This has been great for the pool and beach. Holds our towels, sun screen, toys, etc and also collapses for storing.
  • Bubble leaf blower: He loved his bubble blower so much he ultimately broke it (so he has a new blower). Bubbles + yard tool – what else do you need?
  • Sports Ball Set: I found this at Target and it’s been a great addition to the porch (and backyard). He also loves dribbling his little soccer ball.
  • Chalk: Good old fashioned chalk is always fun to color on the driveway!

Indoor Play

  • Basketball hoop: Such a hit from Christmas, he loves scoring baskets and celebrating. I love that you can make it taller as they grow too.
  • Dump truck & loader: Big fan of the construction toys that go in the dump truck and filling it up.
  • Recycle truck: If you can’t tell, he loves vehicles and this is a favorite. Whether it’s honking the horn, putting things in the back, pushing it around or dumping the recycle bin, he plays with it everyday.
  • Squishmallows: He got this from Aunt Sam at Christmas and loves it so much, we have a few friends now. They’re so soft, we lay with them on the couch at night too!
  • Sesame Street friends: We’re big Sesame Street fans and he got a set of “friends” that he loves. He’ll pull them out, put them in his cars or in his wagon and pull them around.
  • Books: Will loves to look at books and be read to (which makes me so happy. Some of his current favroites are: Noisy Trucks, Paris: A Book of Shapes, New York: A Book of Colors, and See, Touch & Feel.
  • Golf clubs: We’ve been waiting to play with these and it’s so cute as he sets up the ball and hits it around the room. He’s definitely great at imitating what you do.
  • Jumbo crayons: Easier to use than the egg shaped ones I got him first. We color at home and he has the same crayons he uses a lot at school.
  • Dyson vacuum: I asked for it because I thought it was funny, but he loves this! And I love that he wants to vacuum. He’ll take it all over the house (especially if we’re vacuuming too) and clean up. Great practice for the future.


  • 3 piece table & chairs: Now he has a place to sit and color or play with puzzles in the playroom! I love the color and the fact it’s easy to wipe crayon off the top.
  • Felt Christmas tree: This was such a hit at Christmas time! He loved taking the ornaments off and on.
  • Nanit breathing band: You know we love our Nanit and the sleep sacks, so were sad when he outgrew them, but we got the breathing band. We can still track his breathing, which gave me peace of mind when he was sick.
  • Merrells: These were such a great pair of shoes (while they fit). We wore them everywhere and just rinsed them off if they got dirty. Makes me want to buy another since he outgrew these.
  • Busy board: I got this for the car before a long road trip and it worked! He played with it throughout the ride. We keep it in the car now and he’ll still pick it up and play.

This stage has been so fun as he is exploring everything and loves figuring things out. I could watch him play all day! I’m already starting the list of what we love right now (21 months).

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