Since I revealed our playroom in September, we have done even more to make it a more functional room for all of us. One of the biggest transformations was adding an art gallery wall!

I always knew I wanted a way to showcase nugget’s art, and my default thought was a big bulletin board. I was never too crazy about that though (which is why I never got one). One day Hunter suggested some float frames and I was sold – and then I had to do it ASAP.

We measured, figured out the configuration that would work best and I found some 14″x14″ black float frames at Michaels (and had to order 2 more). Then I started figuring out what art should be hung first! (Obviously my favorite part).

When Hunter’s dad was down to help babysit, we put him to work! He hung all 8 frames and put the art in. I was SO excited. It looked even better than I imagined. When nugget first saw it, he was so proud! He kept looking up and pointing – and gosh that just melted my heart.

Pro tip: Although all the frames should be the same, there were slight differences in where the hooks were. Label the frames so you know which one goes where when you swap out the art.

It still puts a smile on my face to see his art displayed in the frames. I swap pieces out every few months, but there are also a few favorites that I always keep up.

Much better than a bulletin board!

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