It may seem like I forgot to finish some of the renovation room reveals, but I didn’t! This was just a room that took me awhile to get everything the way we liked – probably because we’re the only ones that see it.

First, one of the listing photos:

It’s a great size, has 2 vanities and a walk in closet so was a massive upgrade from what we had before. However the green walls, pink tile, crusty carpet and laminate pink counters needed to go.

Our bathroom got the 2nd biggest makeover in the renovation (behind the playroom): Literally chiseled out the jacuzzi tub and tile for 2 days, new sub floor & tile floors, custom vanities, mirrors, trim, ceiling, wall, trim & cabinet paint, new hardware, doors, toilet, shower fixtures, closet door system, built in closet system, lighting. 

Basically demoed everything and replaced it all.

The first night we moved back upstairs (when demo was starting downstairs) was the first night I ever showered in our bathroom. The jacuzzi tub shower wasn’t easy to use, so up until that point we used the bathroom across the hall. I literally waited 3 years for that first shower and it was wonderful.

Since the listing photos didn’t show much of the bathroom, most photos I have are from when we first moved in. Here are some before and afters:

We finally got some bath rugs (from this great Turkish seller), new towels, hung art and are adding the color back to a neutral palette. You can also find a before and after in a Reel on Instagram.

Some days I still can’t believe this is our bathroom. It’s so nice to have a clean, relaxing place and take a shower in our bathroom!

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