In July I got the itch to organize our pantry. It had been functional, but didn’t utilize the space in the best way. Hunter was all for this, so we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to find some containers. I really liked the iDesign ones: clear so you can see the contents and an assortment of sizes.

Before the organization:

I took everything out and put it on the island. Then I checked expiration dates, threw out the old stuff and grouped things that should be together.

In the pantry itself, all shelves got a nice wipe down and I reconfigured a few to allow for some taller item storage.

When I put everything back in the pantry, I did it with nugget in mind. Snacks we wanted him to reach were put on the bottom and in the clear storage bins so he could see his options and easily get one. Things he shouldn’t reach went on higher shelves. We also moved a lot of non-food items (like paper plates and napkins) to the storage area under the banquet.

The end result was much better for everyone!

If nugget is hungry, he’ll go to the door and pick something (or multiple things) out. We also maximized our storage and don’t have things laying sideways or shoved in to keep them from falling on the ground. Success!

Now that we’ve been using it a few weeks, I’d like to go back and grab a few more containers for storage. Otherwise, it’s been a game changer.

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