With Halloween around the corner, you know I had to craft something for nugget’s costume this year. He is going to be a fire fighter this year and since I decided not to make the costume, I had to craft something for it… so I created a fire truck from his wagon for him to ride in when he’s done walking!

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DIY Fire Truck Wagon

What you’ll need:

We have the collapsible Radio Flyer wagon and since it’s already red, I just needed to add a few personalization to the outside to turn it into a fire truck.

First, a ladder.

I measured about how long I wanted my ladders to be, then took an old card board box and cut my ladder shape using an exacto knife. To finish them, I spray painted them silver.

I created 2 “Charleston Fire Department” signs for the side of the truck using my Cricut. You could also do this with black construction paper & a gold sharpie with tape (I just have bad hand writing).

To assemble, attach your ladders to each side using 2 paper clips. I covered the existing “Red Flyer” logo with some red vinyl and then put my Fire Department lettering on top. Finally, I found some yellow cable that kinda resembled a small hose and just folded it and added it to the side. You could use anything to act like a hose.

Just add your fire fighter!

I’m already looking forward to Halloween night for our fire fighter to ride or pull his truck.

I never knew how much I’d love creating things for lil man, whether it’s a full Chickfila nugget costume or just accessories for a costume we bought. Either way, I love the creative outlet and his face lights up when he sees it (which then melts mine).

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