Time for the last round of “Stuff We Use”, getting us to the 2 year mark! Most of his 2nd year has been focused on learning and developing skills through playing and imitation which is evident in our most used items.

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Still Favorites

  • Trucks / cars: I’m currently looking at 10 trucks all lined up in our living room, haha. The recycle truck, fire truck and tractor are his current favorites.
  • Books: He loves books and we keep them in a few rooms so they’re easily accessible for reading again and again.
  • The Dyson vacuum is also used all the time, especially if we’re using the big vacuum.
  • 3 piece table & chairs: Still the best thing for our playroom. Lots of playing and coloring happens here.
  • Nugget: We’ve loved ours so much, Santa brought another! Double the cushions means more forts and playing.


  • Scooter: He started walking around with his scooter during this time (with his helmet). He’s still getting the hang of pushing himself on it, but loves when you do the work for him, haha.
  • Slide: A big favorite on our porch is his slide. He’ll go over and over and it collapses to be pretty small for storage if needed.
  • Puzzles: He loves the animal and truck block puzzles, so the shape, number & alphabet ones are great for practicing what he’s learning, as well as getting them in the right spot.
  • Play food: He got an Ice cream set and grilling set for his birthday and loves “cooking” for us. We’re fed ice cream cones, ribs, and cheeseburgers A LOT.
  • Jump castle: We borrowed this from a friend for his birthday and it was a huge hit with all the toddlers in the backyard! Even better score if you get it during Prime Day or Black Friday sales 😉


  • Electric toothbrush: For some reason the electric toothbrush was way more fun and he’s willing to brush his teeth (usually on his own) 2x a day.
  • Toilet seat: It’s about that time.. A friend recommended this seat for the toilet and we have it in his bathroom. He’s shown interest in it and it’s easy for him to get up and on. We will be potty training very soon.
  • Step stool: Now that he’s so independent, he’ll pull his step stool over to the sink and climb up to wash his hands (with a lil help to get the water on). This is skid proof and the 2nd step helps get to our higher counters.
  • Foam letters / numbers: We still use these in the bathroom, but keep a few out at a time and practice letters or numbers while he bathes.

Kitchen / Eating

  • Booster seat: The high chair is gone and he now sits at the table with us in his booster seat!
  • Cup with lid: These have been great for him drinking out of cups, but the lid helps with spills.
  • Water bottle: He picked up on this very quick and now his water bottle comes everywhere.
  • Placemats: Since he’s at the table, we use these silicon placemats under his plates. They’re easy to wipe down after meals and get the job done. We also have one under the coffee machine!


  • Pack and play mattress: I never realized you could add a little mattress to the hard pack and play one and I think he’s enjoyed it. It comes with a travel bag so it’s easy to bring with you and quick to pull out and use.
  • Writing tablet: This is perfect for the car – They can doodle and click a button to clear the pad and write some more.

It’s amazing how what we use everyday has changed so much in the course of those 24 months. I hope this series was helpful for other new parents with babies / toddlers!

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