I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! A highlight of our weekend was a sushi night at a neighbor’s house. It had been rescheduled from January, so when it became Valentine weekend, I had a new reason to craft and it became a Sushi themed valentine party!

First up, the fortune cookie valentines. I’m still so excited about these and love how they came out. After everyone ate dinner, they took a cookie and read the sushi pun / pick up line out loud. It was hilarious.

I also made a sushi themed banner for the mantle: “Love you soy much”. Nothing crazy, but just another fun touch for the night. The sushi pieces are actually 5 layers of card stock glued together.

You can find the video how I made it here and the project on Design Space here.

It was a great night with friends, good food and a LOT of laughter.

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