I’m finally getting around to sharing the birthday party for our truck loving 2 year old!

Compared to last year’s Master’s themed birthday party, I feel like I pared things down this year, haha. He loves all kinds of cars and trucks, so I chose a palette of bright colors and a few different trucks that I incorporated in my crafts.

Creating different trucks for a banner on the mantle was my first craft! Watch the video on how I put all the pieces together.

I cut a few extra trucks in card stock that went around the island with food and on top of the “road” runner. Another card stock truck went on a sign out front.

Target had some cute truck party decor so I took some straws, cut them down and made them cupcake toppers. I also used their little favor bags and put trucks in them for his neighbor friends.

You can’t have a Halloween birthday without a pumpkin, so I carved a dump truck pumpkin!

A favorite was making his party shirt. I used the same truck from the banner, added a 2 and layered iron on to create the design. Watch the video on how to layer the iron on to create the shirt.

I can’t wait to see what he’s into for his birthday party theme this year!

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