Hi friends! I’m not posting as much as I used to, but I’m still here 🙂 I’ve been trying to enjoy life away from my computer after work and it’s been a great break. I have some fun projects to post, but for now I’m sharing about my work..

Last week I finally got to head out to Austin to meet my company! It’s been almost 2 years in the making and I was excited to see the new office and spend time with the team.

We’re a small company and have team members all over the country, but a handful are in Austin, so we travelled to the HQ to get together. We spent the 3 days working, eating and having fun, then it was back home to Charleston.


I arrived hungry and left so full. When I go to Texas, I want tacos & BBQ and the team knocked that outta the park.

  • Radio Coffee: Some of the first conversations between our co-founders were here, so it was fitting to start the trip at the same picnic tables with a beer & tacos!
  • Swift’s Attic: We enjoyed a family style 10 course meal for our first dinner here. The food was creative & delicious, music was awesome and the building was cool.
  • Floppy Disk Repair Co & Firehouse Hostel: 2 Fun speak easies to visit after your dinner!
  • Chuy’s Tex Mex: Quick and delicious take out (or dine in). We devoured our lunch and snacked on the chips throughout the afternoon.
  • Revival Coffee: We ran across this Instagram-able coffee shop a short walk from the house. Everyone (but my non-coffee drinker self) got drinks and were impressed by the speed and taste.
  • Salt Lick: 20+ miles outside of Austin, but worth the drive for some real Texas BBQ. There are a ton of meat options, big banquet seating and it’s BYOB.


  • House in East Austin: I stayed with Whitney & Eric, but the out of town guys stayed in this rental and we all enjoyed hanging out there on Monday and Tuesday. It was in a great area, super close to downtown and the backyard was full of activities.

I visited Austin a few years ago with my family, but it was fun getting a local’s tour of the area. Can’t wait to come back for another All Hands soon!

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