It’s been about 7 months into our exterior renovation and we’re so close to the finish line. The front porch is almost finished, so when I got the green light to put things back on the porch, I decided to get a new rug and door mat. Naturally, I didn’t find a door mat I liked, so I stenciled some ferns on one to make my own!

Stenciled Fern Door Mat

What you’ll need:

Back in the spring I got some fern stencils from Stencil Revolution and had been waiting on the right project to use them. When I decided to go with a blue rug and incorporate green in my new door mat, I knew using the assortment of stencil sizes to cover the mat in ferns would be perfect.

Just like any other stencil, put the stencil on top and dab the paint on top of the stencil. Continue until you’re happy. I also learned to use the end of my paint brush to really make sure the paint got down into the mat, instead of just sitting on top and drying in a big clump.

Let your furry assistant test the mat out while you decide if it needs anything else or not..

After a few days I did decide to add a little something extra to make it more welcoming, literally “hello”. I used some scrap card stock and cut that out with my Cricut, then put it on top and filled it in with some white paint.

After letting it dry and a few more cat naps, I brought it out front. The perfect accent on top of my new rug! You can also see the Reel of how I made it here.

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the porch, but a few more things need to happen first 🙂

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