Taking a break in crafting to document nugget’s first flight! In July we took a short flight back to Georgia to see my grandma and spend time at my mom’s. Nugget LOVED it, even with an hour delay to get in the air. We saw all sorts of trucks and thought going up in the air was so cool. Meeting pilots, getting wings and going on the train to baggage claim was also exciting. Pegs picked us up from the airport where he got to see even more big planes land and take off as we got in the car.

Then we went to Rollene’s for an afternoon of rearranging everything in her house, Chickfila lunch and entertaining us and a neighbor with shenanigans. After that it was down to Callaway for a (somewhat) relaxing weekend at the gardens and cousin time.

After some great cousin hugs, it was back to the airport for flight #2 then Daddy picking us up. Always fun with family in Georgia!

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