Long time, so see, eh? It’s been a year since my last post! It turns out that having a toddler, a career and just being happy doesn’t always include time for crafting. And when it does, it doesn’t include time for blogging too. I’ve found a happy place with juggling everything, so posts may be sporadic for now. You can always follow me on Instagram, but things are still sporadic there too, haha.

One change in the last year is that we’re pregnant! With baby #2 on the way, we had some room switching and cleaning out to do and in that process I found 9 blank wooden blocks in my craft stash. I thought getting nugget’s help to make some baby blocks would be a fun way to get him excited and involved, so I figured out a plan and got to work.

Custom Baby Blocks

What you’ll need:

  • Blank wooden blocks
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cricut Maker
  • White iron on
  • Weeder tool
  • Easy Press
  • Heat resistant tape

First, paint your blocks. We went with 9 bright colors, 1 per block. This was a fun outside activity one morning where nugget painted each of them while I helped. Let them dry overnight.

Open Design Space and figure out what you want on each side of your blocks. I went with a mix of letters, numbers, shapes, animals and trucks – You can find my project in Design Space here. Measure the block to know how big each of the designs can be (leave a lil buffer), mirror the design and cut it on your iron on vinyl. Weed the excess away and cut out each design.

Tape the design to the block with heat resistant tape and use your Easy Press to apply the designs to each side of the blocks. I went with low heat (275) and shorter time (20 sec) and adjusted to find the right balance of heat to painted wood.

The 9 blocks are now colorful and covered with designs! Nugget was so excited and immediately brought them to baby brother’s room, where they proudly sit on a shelf. Definitely a fun project to use up craft supplies and involve a toddler!

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