Bucket List

This is my lofty list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket (which hopefully isn’t soon).  If you want to do any of them with me, let me know!

  • Visit Southeast Asia
  • Go skydiving
  • Have breakfast at Wimbledon
  • Climb Machu Picchu
  • Live in another country (or study abroad)
  • Visit Central America and only speak Spanish
  • Go to a baseball game at Fenway
  • Watch FC Barcelona play in Camp Nou
  • Attend the World Cup, in another country
  • Go skydiving over water (sorry mom…)
  • Go skydiving over mountains
  • Receive a professional certification
  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  • Support myself 100%
  • Go to Italy and see where Dad grew up
  • Ride an elephant
  • Rescue an animal
  • Watch sea turtles hatch
  • Swim with sea turtles, dolphins and sting rays
  • Go on a trip alone
  • Buy a house
  • Impromptu trip to another country
  • Get lost in the Caribbean for 2 weeks
  • Try 3 new foods a year
  • Learn a new skill each year
  • Refinish a piece of furniture
  • Wine tasting tour in Napa
  • Learn how to paint with watercolors

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