Bride + Bride’s Mates Tank Tops

Y’all have no clue how much I missed crafting the last few weeks during the whole packing / moving event. It really relaxes me, so imagine not being able to relieve stress when it’s at an all time high… that’s why I had friends and wine instead ūüôā

Anyways, my friend Meg’s little brother is getting married soon and she wanted to make some nautical tank tops for her future SIL’s bachelorette weekend in Rhode Island. Meg sent me some examples of what she liked on Pinterest and we got to work!

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Bride + Bride’s Mates Tank Tops

What you’ll need:

Meg ordered all the tank tops from Target and just had them shipped to my house. ¬†Target and Old Navy are great for bachelorette tanks ūüėČ

Alright, open Design Space and start working on your design. ¬†I wrote the text out in all uppercase in Rooney font, and 8″ long. ¬†The plan was for Bride to be cut in navy blue htv (on a white tank), “Bride’s Mates” to be in white htv (on navy tank) and the anchor to be in gold, with a glitter gold anchor for the bride’s tank top.

Since the items are cut on different heat transfer vinyl colors, you’ll have to cut them all separately. ¬†I like to maximize as much of the vinyl as possible, so I’ll rearrange the shapes or letters on the preview screen before cutting, like so:

Once everything is cut out on the different vinyls, it’s time to weed out the excess!

The final step is to iron the letters and anchors onto the tank tops. Put the iron on cotton or high heat, press it on the htv for a few seconds until the HTV starts attaching to the tank top.

When the HTV is attached, the tank tops are done!  

So I started making the tanks before the move and got 5 done before I had to pack up all the supplies. ¬†Well we happened to move these supplies and more to Meg’s house (again, my friends are awesome) so we had a little wine and I put her to work to finish the remaining tanks so she could get them in the mail on time. ¬†She did great ironing everything on while I weeded! ¬†And how cute did these turn out?

Can’t wait to see all the girls rocking their tanks in a few weeks! Hope this gives you some ideas for your own nautical bachelorette weekend – we all know I loved crafting for mine ūüôā


Bachelorette Beach Drink Spikers

Okay, here’s the last bachelorette weekend craft that I have this spring (at least that I know of). ¬†My friend Kali wanted to give beach spikers at Liz’s beach bachelorette weekend that I could customize¬†and would match the personalized sunglasses I made.

Side note, I had no idea what a beach spiker was, but apparently it’s a lil contraption that you can dig into the sand so your drink or phone will stay out of the sand. Who knew?

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What you’ll need:

Kali found some white drink spikers and had them sent to our house and I ordered teal vinyl for the monograms.  Once everything had arrived, I started work!

Here’s my lil shortcut on making monograms with the Cricut –> I use the¬†Monogram Maker¬†maker website to choose the style and make the monogram image. ¬†Once I have the monogram, I take a screenshot of it on my computer (command + shift + 4 for Mac users). The screenshot will be saved to your desktop.

Now open Design Space and upload the screenshot of the monogram. ¬†Because there is a white background, you’ll need to make sure to select and erase the background so only the letters are left. ¬†Then save it as a cut image.

Repeat those steps for all the drink spikers you are making – ¬†I had 11 monograms altogether. ¬†Next I resized the monograms to be ~2″ wide which would fit perfectly on the spikers I had.
Next, cut the monograms out on your vinyl using your Cricut Explore Air (on the vinyl setting). ¬†Cut out each monogram from the vinyl and weed the excess vinyl with the weeder tool. The last step is to apply the vinyl monograms to the drink spikers using the transfer tape. ¬†Put transfer tape on top, use the scraper to get any air bubbles out and make sure the transfer tape is on well, then remove the backing. ¬†Apply the monogram to the spiker, press it on well, and slowly peel back the transfer tape.Done! I was so happy with how these turned out and loved the teal & white colors together. ¬†I put them on the floor to send Kali a picture and Cleo had to pop in and check them out. I thought they looked perfect wrapped up with the sunglasses too! ¬†Thanks for the great photo, Catherine ūüôā

Personalized Bachelorette Sunglasses

We’re definitely in bachelorette & wedding season, and now I’m sharing another DIY bachelorette project for the year, with a beach theme! ¬†My friend is having her weekend in Rosemary Beach and although I can’t go, I definitely wanted to be involved… so I helped with bachelorette goodies!

I made my first sunglasses¬†last year for my bachelorette weekend in Savannah.¬† They turned out to be a fun gift to give everyone since we stayed on the beach, so ¬†I thought it would be a good item to include for Liz’s beach bachelorette too!

PS – This post includes affiliate links so I get a lil kickback if you buy from them

Bachelorette Sunglasses

What you’ll need:

I ordered some teal¬†sunglasses on Amazon¬†and bought¬†a white pair¬†for Liz. ¬†I decided to put everyone’s names on the side and then also do ‘Bride to Be’ on the other side of Liz’s.

Open up Design Space and type out all of the names. ¬†The side of sunglasses aren’t very big, so you’ll need to measure the side and figure out how long and tall the names can be. ¬†I believe mine could be 1/2″ tall and 1 1/2″ long. ¬†Then adjust the size of the names to fit in those parameters. ¬†For a cohesive look, I kept them all the same height. ¬†I also did the names in all uppercase to make it easier when weeding such small words from the vinyl.

I wanted to add a little something extra to Liz’s “Bride to Be” side, so found a clipart image of a diamond ring to import.

Click “Upload image” on the left menu, find the file on your computer, choose ‘Simple Image’ and continue.
Next,¬†click out anything you don’t want included – I had to get rid of the white background. ¬†Save it as a cut image, and then add it to your design, sized appropriately next to ‘Bride to Be.’ Since the sunglasses were teal, I cut all the girls names in white vinyl. ¬†Cut each name out of the vinyl with your Cricut and weed the excess out using the weeder tool. ¬†Go slowly – the letters are small and require a little more attention to detail.After their names were cut, I cut Liz’s out in teal vinyl¬†and then cut the ring out in a silver vinyl.

Cut out transfer tape the same size as the names, put it on top, and use the scraper to made sure the vinyl is adhered to the transfer tape and any air bubbles are gone.  Then remove the back paper, apply the vinyl to the sunglasses and slowly remove the transfer tape.

Repeat for all of the sunglasses & you’re done! ¬†I like how Liz’s turned out, even the diamond ring on the side (that ring was really tedious to weed). I love the teal & white color combination.¬†Can’t wait to see them on the beach this weekend!

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Bachlorette Sash + Tote Bags

It’s that time of year again >> wedding season! ¬†We have a few spring weddings coming up, which meant the bachelorette weekends were gonna be here even faster. ¬†I’m making a few different goodies for 2 friends’ bachelorette parties, so¬†will be sharing all the projects here for anyone else in the wedding / bachelorette DIY spirit!

I made my first bachelorette sash in October for Lauren’s bachelorette weekend in Nashville. ¬†That was my prototype and since I knew my¬†method worked, I made a few more for my friends and now am sharing the steps here ¬†to make your own!

Bachelorette sash

What you’ll need:

You can find the ribbon at your local craft store. ¬†I found that 2 1/2″ was a great width to be a sash with enough room for letters, but not too large to be annoying. ¬†I also went with gold letters, but you could customize to your bride’s favorite colors!I wanted the letters to match my friend’s save the dates and the personalized hangers I made for her wedding day, so I used Carolyna Pro Black font. ¬†That font includes some flourishes and options for letters, so I wrote the words out in Illustrator and exported each word as a separate png file. ¬†Then I imported the images in Design Space.

You could also just write out¬†your “Bride to be” or “Future Mrs. ___” phrase in Design Space, but you’ll want to make sure you line the letters up so they connect and then weld them all together. ¬†Since I have Illustrator, it’s easier to do it there and import, but you can get the same result either way!

The ribbon’s width is 2 1/2″ so your letters need to be smaller than that – I went with a 2″ height so there would be a little room on the top & bottom.When the letter height is right, you’re ready to cut. ¬†Put the gold vinyl on your mat, turn the dial to “vinyl,” load it in and cut!

Cut each of the words out from the vinyl, then weed the excess away with the weeder tool.

Cut out some transfer paper that’s big enough for each of the words. ¬†To get the most of my roll of transfer tape, I try to fit the words just right. ¬†Remove the backing of the paper, apply the transfer paper on top of the words and use the scraper to press it down and get any air bubbles out.

Next you’ll want to cut a piece of ribbon that’s a good size for a sash. ¬†I usually just drape it on my shoulder and across my body to get a good estimate of the length I need, mark it and then cut the ends diagonally to prevent fraying.

This is the trickiest part for me – put the ribbon back on your right shoulder, draped across where it would be pinned on your left hip. ¬†Figure out where the letters should start on the ribbon, a few inches down from your shoulder, so they would be across the bride’s chest. ¬†Mark it and also take note of making sure you know what way the letters should face.

Once I have that “spot” I start laying out the letters on the ribbon from there to see their placement. ¬†One by one, I remove the backing, press the letters to the ribbon, and slowly remove the transfer tape so the vinyl is adhered to the ribbon.When all the words are on, you’re done! ¬†Just make sure to have a safety pin ready so the bride can pin the bottom together and the ribbon becomes a sash!The first time I made one, I was worried about the vinyl not adhering to the satin ribbon well and was wildly mistaken (I should have known this considering I’ve put vinyl on just about everything now). ¬†These sashes have made it through the weekend with no issues so far! ¬†Plus I love that you can customize the font & colors, and even add more to the ribbon to fit the bride’s personality!

Personalized gifts for those attending the bachelorette weekend are popular, and just nice considering the time & money people spend. ¬†My friend Erin saw some totes that she wanted to give at our friend’s upcoming bachelorette weekend and asked if I could make something similar – I was up for the challenge!

Bachelorette Tote Bags

What you’ll need:

Erin had the tote bags shipped to me, which are similar to these.  I already had some black HTV on hand, so was ready to start immediately!

We wanted to add some flourishes to the beginning and end of the names, so I wrote each of them out in Illustrator and saved each name as a separate png file.

Open Design Space and import the png file as a simple, cut image.  Then repeat for the rest of the names.

Once all the names are imported, I made them about the same length, 9″. ¬†Now you’re ready to cut them on the HTV. ¬†Put the HTV on the mat (shiny side down), make sure to check the box to mirror the image, set your Cricut to ‘Iron On,’ and cut!

When the names are done, cut each one out individually and weed out the excess HTV with the weeding tool. ¬†You’ll be left with lots of backwards names.

Plug in your iron and put it on the cotton setting, or high heat. ¬†Iron the wrinkles out of the tote bags, then put the name on top (where you can read the name) and iron it on the bag. ¬†I usually apply heat for 5-10 seconds, remove, and apply more to another area until all of it is adhered and you can easily remove the clear piece.Repeat for each name, then you’re done! ¬†I had 10 bags ready to be filled and go on a bachelorette weekend in Mexico. Hopefully these will give you some ideas to get your craft on and make your own sash & gifts for a bachelorette weekend. ¬†You wouldn’t believe how much you save when you do it yourself!

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Cricut Bachelorette Crafts

I used the Cricut for several crafts at my own bachelorette weekend in April, and was excited to put it to the test again for my friend Lauren’s Nashville bachelorette weekend! ¬†Here are some of the Cricut crafts that I made for the weekend..


It started with making some cups for everyone. ¬†We had recyclable wine glasses at mine, so I went for a double insulated cup with top and straw for Lauren’s weekend. ¬†I ordered the cups¬†then came up with a design incorporating cowboy boots and the hashtag #boyceterous. ¬†After finishing that part, I decided to add our names on the back in maroon vinyl.


Tank Tops

Michelle was the mastermind behind the tank tops.  She found a cute design online and asked if I could make them Рof course I wanted to try!  I ordered some gold, and gold glitter heat transfer vinyl online, she found the tank tops on sale at Old Navy, and I made them one night!  We wore these Saturday afternoon when we were exploring Nashville and got a lot of compliments on


They have all sorts of generic bachelorette sashes your bride can wear, but I thought I could make one that was more personalized. ¬†I found basic 3″ wide white satin ribbon at Michael’s and used gold vinyl I already had. ¬†I was able to cut the vinyl and adhere it to the ribbon with no problem. ¬†Hooray for success on the first try!lb-bach-03nashville-15

Yay for a fun weekend with the girls celebrating Lauren and expanding my Cricut craft knowledge!lb-bach-04