MDW Recap

Memorial Day Weekend is always one of my favorite holiday weekends with several big events and it’s usually filled with as much sun & water activities as possible.  Unfortunately TS Bonnie decided to ruin the sun part of our plans, but we still had a very busy weekend!

Friday night we celebrated Callee’s birthday with drinks at Tavern & Table, then dinner at the new piano bar in Mt. Pleasant, Fill.  When you have a group of 20 at a dueling piano bar, you know you’re going to have a good time.  We all had fun requesting random songs, singing & dancing which managed to almost outweigh the terrible service we had.

mdw 2016 2

Memorial Day weekend is when the vet and shelter think Cleo’s birthday is, so every year she gets a few extra treats and a new toy.  To celebrate her 5th birthday, she got a manchego cake, because she has great taste in Spanish cheese.  In reality, she only got a few manchego crumbles a few times throughout the weekend and I ate most of the cheese, but hey, she loved it.  Girl loves some fancy cheese…

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.19.56 AM

Saturday was really rainy, so we stayed in and I worked on some new Etsy shop listings (coming soon 🙂 ).  Our friends Liz & Blake got engaged on Pitt Street Bridge before all the rain started, and we celebrated them with a surprise engagement party at Cocktail Club that night.  Lauren, Catherine and I made a little basket of goodies, so I had fun making them champagne glasses and a mug for Liz with gold chrome vinyl.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.38.42 PM

Monday the rains stopped long enough to head out to Sullivan’s Island and grab lunch with a bunch of friends at Home team BBQ.  I’m pretty sure I could eat their wings, mac n cheese and a game changer every week for the rest of my life, they’re that good.
mdw 2016 1

The most exciting part of Monday for me was receiving our wedding photos back from the photographer!  I got the link while we were at Home team, so I had fun going through them with Brittney.  Memorial Day is also special for us because we started dating that weekend 4 years ago!  Four years, one house, and a lot of blog posts & house projects later, we’re happy newlyweds!

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Now cheers to the short week and this sunny Friday!


5 Church

A few Saturdays ago, a few of us girls got together to celebrate Katie’s birthday and try a new restaurant – the perfect combination.  5 Church is a new restaurant that opened on the corner of Market and East Bay streets in downtown Charleston.  If you went to Cofc, or visited, you might remember it as the space where Mad River was.  Yup, that place has been transformed into a classy restaurant. Weird.

I had heard good things about the menu from other friends beforehand, so I was pretty pumped to have dinner there.  Susie made sure we had our own space, so we were set up off the main dining space, in the smaller one on the left.  I feel like the waiter was in for a handful with the 12 of us..

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 7.14.10 PM

Since we were the first ones there, we checked out the drink menu and talked to the waiter.  I ordered a malbec, and Michelle went with the Viper, a fancy cucumber water with tequila, which became the favorite of the night.

Once everyone got there and we had all decided on something to eat, we ordered.  Brittney and I split the tuna tartare (sans nuts) for an appetizer, and it was delicious.  One of the sauces on the outside that you scoopped the tuna through had quite a kick, so I only had a little of that.

Since I may have had a snack before dinner, I ordered a mixed cheese & charcuterie board for my main course.  The chef asked which meats and cheeses I wanted, so I got a wide variety.  I made an assortment of little sandwiches with all of the toppings, and there was so much food that I was the last to finish my plate!

5 church_03

The other plates looked just as delicious as mine.  I think I’ll get the lamb burger next time I’m back 🙂5 church_01
After 5 Church, we headed to The Spectator‘s bar try out another new spot in the area.  The seating areas were so sophisticated — lots of velvets, gold accents, and big leather chairs.  It was a great place to relax with a drink, especially if I was a guest.  I will definitely be back to both places soon..

Life as of Lately

December always seems to fly by, and this year is no exception.  I feel like I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and that’s due to everything else going on right now!

The first weekend in December, we headed to Charlotte for the ACC Championship!  We met my best friend, Kirstin, and her husband, Tim, and had a great weekend cheering on the Tigers (GT didn’t even make a bowl game, so this is allowed).

dec 2015_07

My birthday is in early December, and I celebrated 28 like I was both a retiree and a child.  On my actual birthday, Taylor cooked us a delicious dinner (in his fabulous house), then we headed to the newly renovated Gaillard Auditorium for a talk on Race in America by none other than Ken Burns, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Mayor Joe Riley.  We may have been some of the youngest in attendance, but I really enjoyed the talk, plus being front row didn’t hurt either 😉

dec 2015_01

The day after my birthday, SPARC (we’re still technically called SPARC, but yet we’re Booz Allen too) hosted a holiday market in the afternoon.  Team members with side businesses could have a table set up and sell their items to other SPARC members.

Since this was the first time I had ever sold something in person, I spent the beginning of the week preparing by making lots of inventory, getting bags ready, and ordering some business cards.  I left Thursday night calling the event a success!  I learned a lot, but also did fairly well selling gifts and sold out of some things – woo!

dec 2015_02

The week wasn’t over yet, and there was no time for rest.  Our new bed for the master came in on Friday!  We (but really Hunter) spent Friday night assembling it, and then putting the bed back together.  I’m so happy to have a headboard and bed frame, and we’re a little closer to finishing the master.  I was pretty tired of looking at the metal bed frame and a bare wall…

dec 2015_03

The second part of my birthday celebration was spending Saturday morning at the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.  We visited the 9 sea turtle patients and learned about their illnesses and treatments.  Plus, I bought items off their Amazon wish list, so I played Santa to the turtles and gave them gifts 🙂dec 2015_04

About an hour after we left the sea turtle hospital, we were on our way back to Charlotte.  We spent the night with Hunter’s friends which was perfect timing to attend their Christmas party that night!  On Sunday, the four of us headed to the Falcons / Panthers game.  Unfortunately, the Falcons didn’t get the memo that I wanted to win, and scored 0 points… but we had a great time regardless!dec 2015_05

Tired yet? Because I sure am.  Luckily this week will slow down a little bit, but I feel like I’m still going full speed until Christmas when I finally get to relax.

Custom College Wine Glasses

My sister and I always have a hard time finding something to buy Pegs for any occasion, because she typically buys what she wants, when she wants it.  That was the case this year when we were struggling to find a great birthday gift from the 4 of us.

Cue Facebook.

My childhood best friend, Kathryn, recently opened an Etsy shop and I saw a post on Facebook about college themed wine glasses she started making.  My wheels started turning… then I called Lauren to run the idea by her : college wine glasses of our favorite teams for the 4 of us and Pegs to keep at her house, and use when we’re all together (or just feeling the team spirit).

Kathryn was happy to make these, and sent us a picture when she finished.  They looked even better than I anticipated!

The glasses have already gotten some use out of them while Lauren, Darren, mom and I were all together this past weekend.  Hopefully the glasses will bring GT some luck today 🙂  Thanks, Kathryn!

kathryn 02

Be sure to check out For the Love of Gameday if you are looking for any college related gifts this holiday season! And if you do, you’ll be getting something from this cute face.  Also, clearly my hair has always been crazy.


New Years Eve Party

Like I mentioned before, I got pretty excited to host a New Years Eve party and started preparing for it immediately.  I was worried that all of the New Years decor would be gone after Christmas, so I got on Amazon and headed to Target early one morning to grab a few things to add to our Christmas decor that was still up.

I found this gold and white banner at Target, so I added “Cheers” and 2 champagne glasses to it to hang on the mantle.


We all knew I couldn’t host a party the night of the Orange Bowl without any Georgia Tech decorations –> I had a few GT plates / bowls and napkins, but decided to make a centerpiece too.  I used one of my Halloween pumpkin carving tools and carved designs into oranges, and put cloves in a few too.  They still smell awesome.


The media cabinet was covered with the New Years hats, headbands, beads and noisemakers.  nye2014_5The bar was stocked and my NYE glitter candles were in the tray..


I lit up the tree out back and the fire pit area with Christmas and decorative lights.  Susie brought everything we needed for smores and the fire felt great since it was a little chilly.



Once Hunter and Troy finally arrived after work, we started cooking the oysters and broke in the new oyster table.  This was the first of many oyster roasts at 2433!




Katie and Catherine both have late December birthdays that sometimes get lost in the holidays, so Brittney made a birthday cake and we made them wear ‘Birthday Diva’ sashes while everyone sang to them.  Happy 27th!!


It wouldn’t be New Years without playing with sparklers, or Brittney setting off fireworks!nye2014_16

And I can’t end the New Years post without a shout out to my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets who upset Miss St and became Orange Bowl champions!  The team went 11-3 this year, surprised me, and quieted the SEC — I’ll never forget the season!

nye2014_15 Thanks to everyone who made the first New Years and oyster roast at our house such a success! Happy New Year to all!