Burlap Football Banner

It’s officially college football season!  I was getting pretty excited about the upcoming season (and hoping GT has a better season than last year) and decided I wanted to add a lil something to our living room.  Since most of my recent crafts had been made with my Cricut, I was getting back to my roots with some burlap and paint.

Burlap Football Banner

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap, ~1 yard
  • Scissors
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Rope

You can find the banner triangles precut at most craft shops, but since I had all the supplies at home I just cut mine myself!

burlap fball banner_01

I measured out triangles that were 6″ wide at the top, and 6″ long down the middle.  Once I had the first triangle cut, I used it as a template for the other 6.burlap fball banner_02

Next, paint little football laces on the burlap pieces with the white paint.burlap fball banner_03

Thread the burlap on the twine or rope, through the holes that are already there (make one a lil bigger to get the rope through).  Evenly space the burlap triangles out on the rope, and hang!  Ours went on the mantle, below the tv where a lot of games will be watched 🙂burlap fball banner_04 burlap fball banner_05 burlap fball banner_06

Now that the house is ready, let’s kick off the season!  Go Jackets! And tigers…



Summer Shell Art

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be a contributor on skirt! magazine‘s blog!  Every few weeks I’ll be posting something related to their latest issue.  You can find my first post on their blog here, and I’ll also be sharing on my blog 🙂  Here’s my first post for summer:

As a kid, one of my favorite summer pastimes was collecting sea shells from the beach.  I used to have containers of my treasures in my closet growing up and loved going through them and remembering great trips.  But why keep the shells in boxes tucked away in a closet?  Why not proudly display them in your home?

When I moved into my first solo apartment after college a few years ago, I needed something to put on my empty walls, and looked to my beach finds for help.  Within an hour I had painted a wooden frame, added a burlap background, attached a starfish on top, and hung it on my wall!  Ever since then I’ve been finding different ways to create art out of sea shells, sharks teeth and oyster shells that I find around the lowcountry.

Today I’ll walk you through an easy beach craft that you can make no matter your ago, and that can be customized to any room in your house!

Shell Art

What you’ll need:

  • Canvas
  • Various sea shells & beach finds
  • Goop adhesive

You can find regular or burlap canvases, as well as the Goop adhesive at your local craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and be sure to use a coupon 🙂

First, clean the sand off of your shells and let them dry on a paper towel.  Then arrange the shells on the canvas in whatever design you want.  Get creative!  You can create a geometric design, a shape, or even write something out.  I opted to make a wave out of sharks teeth, a heart and the palmetto and crescent with sea shells and just individual oyster shells on smaller canvases.

Next you’ll want to attach the shells to the canvas one at a time using the Goo adhesive.  Note: Goo adhesive is really strong like a liquid cement.  If you don’t have any, hot glue will work, but will not be as secure or permanent.

Finally, hang the canvas on your wall, stand back, and admire your work!

shell art 08shell art 06shell art 04 shell art 07 If you’re feeling extra crafty, paint the canvas or shells to match your room.  A fun colored canvas will give your shells and the room an extra pop!  The options are endless with a full spectrum of paint colors and a box of your favorite beach finds.

oyster shell canvas 05

shell art 05


Side Projects

I’ve been making a lot of things for friends lately, and wanted to share with y’all what I’ve been working on even though they’re not “new” projects.

USC Pillows

After my friend Will saw the Clemson pillow I made for Panda, he asked if I could make some USC ones for him and his parents.  We came up with a design (the state outline and USC emblem), then I got to work!

will 01

will 02 I can’t wait to see these in their new homes!

Wedding Date Canvas

Kaylee is getting married the week before us and liked the date on burlap canvas I made, so I did one for her!  I couldn’t find the smaller burlap canvases at Michael’s anymore, but got bigger ones which allowed us to personalize it a bit more.  In other news, I’m obsessed with the “&” in Carolyna pro.


Etsy Shop

I’ve also been busy with some Etsy sales!  I made a Washington state home pillow for a customer, and learned a little bit about U.S. geography.  Plus my little helper had to check out what I was doing..


I’ve also been trying to prepare my shop and my inventory for the holiday season.  I made another batch of small, medium, and large soy oyster shell candles so they’re ready to ship.  You’ll be seeing some other holiday crafts coming soon that I’m hoping to also offer on my shop!

oyster candle 08

<plug> When you’re starting to think about buying presents for the holidays, I hope you keep me in mind!  I’m happy to make almost anything, and ship it as soon as possible.  You can use code BLOG20OFF for 20% off until Christmas! </plug>

Date on Burlap Canvas

A few of you may have heard about the floods a few weeks ago in Charleston.  It was a perfect storm of high tides, a “king” tide, and basically 36 hours straight of rain — Luckily, we weren’t really affected.  The good news was the rains that Sunday gave me a chance to blog, and start some new projects!  When looking for something to do, I stumbled across a burlap canvas I bought awhile back, and decided it was time to use it.

Date on Burlap Canvasburlap date 01

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap canvas
  • Number stencils
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Not really sure if this counts as a craft, but hey, why not?  Alright, grab your canvas, stencils and a pen.  Figure out the numbers you want on the canvas — I went for the 2 digit version of month, day, and year, then arrange the stencils on the canvas.

When you’re happy with the placement, use your pen and outline the numbers.  A sharpie’s ink could bleed, and a pencil doesn’t show up well, so I went with a normal ball point pen.

burlap date 02

I actually didn’t have a 1 or 0 in my stencil pack (because I ruined them making NYE candles), so I used an 8 and I stencil to help me get the shapes of 1 and 0 that I needed.  They’re not perfect, but they’re recognizable.

When you’re done outlining the stencils, you should have 6 numbers on the burlap, in 2 columns.

burlap date 03

The last step is to paint the numbers — told you it was an easy craft.  I just used a basic, black acrylic paint to fill in the outlines.  Since the burlap had been made into a canvas, it was easier to fill in the gaps than a normal burlap, but I did 2 coats for good measure.

burlap date 04

Done!  So I made this without any thought as to where I was going to put it (which is pretty typical).  A temporary home is on the shelves in our bathroom, but I think it’ll end up living somewhere in our bedroom since the burlap and sea foam green walls look great together.

burlap date 06

American Burlap Wreath

In honor of the Women’s World Cup, and of course the 4th of July, I really wanted to make a great American wreath for our front door.  Have I mentioned Hunter was gone for a week?  If you can’t tell, I started tons of projects, and this was one of them.

American Burlap Wreath

IMG_5111What you’ll need:

  • 16″ foam wreath form
  • 1 roll of burlap ribbon
  • 2 small American flags
  • 3 wooden stars
  • Blue / white paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Wreath wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small wreath pins

To start, get your burlap ribbon, foam wreath, and pins ready.  Pin the end of the burlap ribbon into the wreath and then start wrapping it around the wreath.  One roll of the ribbon was enough to wrap all the way around the wreath, and cover it so you can’t see any white.


The next part was the paint the stars.  I’m not a huge fan of red (probably because I hate red & black, and everything UGA), so I decided to paint the stars blue, with white letters on top.  I used acrylic paint, and did them one night while watching the USA women beat Australia.. appropriate.IMG_5117

Finally, I just had to put all the pieces together.  First, I attached the 2 American flags with wreath wire.  Next I added the wooden stars on with hot glue.  Last, I wrapped some rope around in the empty space to fill it in, and give it a little coastal feel.  Done!

FullSizeRender 10 Go team USA!!  And who’s ready to celebrate the 4th now?  This girl — who is currently wearing her red, white, and blue.  Now I need to make the rest of the house patriotic..