2017 National Championship

The second weekend in January, we headed down to Florida to watch Clemson play in the national championship!  Last year we had quite the time getting to Phoenix for the game, so I was happy we were within driving distance this year.

We broke up the trip and stayed with my aunt and uncle on Saturday night.  It was great being able to visit with them and see their new place in Florida!  I would spend hours on their lanai reading…tampa-01

We got to Tampa on Sunday afternoon and were less than thrilled with the cooler temperatures.  I booked a place on Indian Shores thinking we’d get to enjoy the water, but not so much.tampa-02We dropped off our stuff, and headed back to the downtown Tampa area to check out the Fan Fest. Big mistake.  Everywhere you looked, there was a line.  The actual fan fest was packed so full with people that we left and grabbed a beer downstairs with his parents.

We ended up walking across to Harbour Island to find food (along with everyone else), and headed back to the hotel early to get ready for the big day on Monday.tampa-03 tampa-04We had a lazy Monday morning and made breakfast sandwiches in the hotel (perks of a suite with mini kitchen) while watching all the pre-game footage.  We headed to Raymond James stadium in the early afternoon to park and find friends.

A few of Hunter’s friends had a spot with lots of other Clemson tailgates so we spent time with them before going into the stadium.  PS – Tampa Bay needs to figure out how to efficiently get thousands of people into a game. Not so smooth…

This game was electric (and very cold).  Even when Clemson was down, everyone was still upbeat and just knew that it’d work out and the tigers would win.  The last 5 minutes of the game were absolutely CRAZY and this was easily one of the best games I’ve been to!  Just look at Hunter’s reactions – it was an emotional roller coaster for everyone.tampa-05 tampa-07 tampa-09 After the touchdown to Hunter Renfrow the stadium went WILD!  We were hugging and high fiving everyone around us.  Naturally my phone had died, so I used Hunter’s to take pictures while he enjoyed the moment.tampa-06 tampa-10

By the time we finally left the stadium, got to the car and drove back to the hotel, it was after 3am, but we were both still awake from all the adrenaline and watched highlights on TV.  Checkout the next morning came veryyyyy early, and it was a long drive home, but it was a happy drive home 🙂

Maybe next year GT will pull off a national championship??  Here’s to being hopeful!



Oyster Bead Necklace

Does anyone else ever buy items to make a project and then they just sit around for months before you finally finish it?  This necklace was exactly that, and might have even taken longer to complete than my live edge tables.

Back in June (yes, over 7 months ago) I bought some beads to make a Clemson game day necklace.  I’m not a big orange fan, so my thought was that I could make a necklace with some orange in that I could wear throughout the year, and with pair it with purple when we went to games.  With only the national championship game left in the season, I was down to the wire and finally finished it right before we left for Tampa.

Oyster Bead Necklace

What you’ll need:

  • Flat oyster shell
  • Drill
  • 9/64″ drill bit
  • Waxed cotton cording
  • Beads of your choice
  • Silver jewelry wire
  • Scissors

Outside of the oyster shell, I found everything I needed in the jewelry section of Michael’s.  I ended up with an assortment of turquoise, orange, wooden, blue & white and tan beads and figured that I’d just figure out a design as I went along (like most of my DIY projects).oyster-bead-necklace_01First, start putting the beads on the cording.  Knowing that the oyster shell would hang from the middle, I worked my way from the middle out.  This took me awhile since I was trying to figure out an order to the beads that looked okay.

Once I had half of the necklace done, I turned my attention to the oyster shell.  I drilled through the top of it like I did with the oyster shell ornaments.

Then I needed to use the wire to wrap through the hole  and around the shell a few times to secure it, and eventually create a loop on the top to hang on the cording.  This is not my best work, but it was literally hours before we were leaving for Florida and I was under a serious time crunch.  It was good enough to do the trick!oyster-bead-necklace_03

When the oyster was wrapped in wire with a loop, I put it on the cording, and then started adding the beads to the other side, in the same pattern as before.  I played around with the beads at the top until the length was right for me and then just tied the cording in a double knot.oyster-bead-necklace_04

The necklace was immediately packed up and off to Florida with us the next morning!


Of course I didn’t get any pictures of it on while tailgating before we bundled up for the game (it was unseasonably cold!), but I did snap one before the game started!

Yay for a Clemson “game day” necklace with orange I can wear!  Apparently it’s good luck too, so I guess I’ll be wearing it to any game we go to in the future 😉

End of the Season

The 2014 college football season was extra special to me because Georgia Tech had a great season, and topped it off with an Orange Bowl win.  Well this year’s season was special for Hunter, therefore it was special for me too.  Clemson had an outstanding season, broke records, and ended up at the National Championship.  Since football season is pretty big in our lives, I thought I’d take a look back at the memorable moments of the season.

Wettest Game: Clemson vs. Notre Dame

I ended up having to buy rain boots for this game, and thank goodness I did because they were crucial, and necessary the following week at the Georgia Tech game.  We got to the tailgate at 10am, the game was at 8pm, and there was maybe a 30 minute rain break all day / night.  Also this was the weekend of the epic SC flooding.


cfb_2015 01

Best Win: Georgia Tech vs. Florida State

Miracle on Techwood anyone??? Pegs and I literally screamed, embraced, screamed some more and watched highlights all night.  GT had a mediocre season, but this night (and ruining FSU’s hopes) was definitely the highlight of our season.

Coldest Game: ACC Championship

Considering the winter so far has been pretty mild, I was surprised that early December was so cold.  Bank of America stadium is outside, so we bundled up for a day of tailgating and night of football.  Enjoying the win and weekend with Kirstin and Tim was an added bonus.

dec 2015_07

Favorite Football Project: Cornhole Boards

This has been the longest project I’ve taken on, plus it was centered around football so it had to be on the list.  I ended up painting 2 football fields on our corn hole boards, just in time to be used at a party.  I still get tired thinking about the number of hours that went into these guys..
FullSizeRender 15

Best Loss: Georgia Tech vs. Georgia

I needed an excuse to include Tech on here again, and we didn’t have much to celebrate.  I will say, I’m pretty sure most people thought UGA was going to run away with the game, but they only won by 6… against a team with 12 injuries (most were starters) and Georgia was only missing 1. Plus it wasn’t a shut out, and I had great company in the stands.  A fun game, and acceptable loss 🙂

cfb_2015 02

Best Tailgate: Clemson vs. Oklahoma

We weren’t in Miami, but we were devouring so much food at Michelle and CJ’s house.  Oysters, dips, Chickfila nuggets, bourbon… we had it all and we ate from 3:30pm through the ball drop at midnight.  It was also fun to enjoy the game with most of our Charleston friends!

Best Game: National Championship

Clearly a no brainer.  Just the experience to be at a National Championship was a once in a lifetime opportunity, add in a day in Vegas, and enjoying it with friends and it tops the chart, even with the loss.

cfb_2015 03

cfb_2015 05

7 games, 4 states, and a lot of wins —  Cheers to the 2015 college football season!  It was a few months full of great trips, friends, and memories.   I’m already counting down to September, and hopefully GT will have a better year…

Life as of Lately

December always seems to fly by, and this year is no exception.  I feel like I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and that’s due to everything else going on right now!

The first weekend in December, we headed to Charlotte for the ACC Championship!  We met my best friend, Kirstin, and her husband, Tim, and had a great weekend cheering on the Tigers (GT didn’t even make a bowl game, so this is allowed).

dec 2015_07

My birthday is in early December, and I celebrated 28 like I was both a retiree and a child.  On my actual birthday, Taylor cooked us a delicious dinner (in his fabulous house), then we headed to the newly renovated Gaillard Auditorium for a talk on Race in America by none other than Ken Burns, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Mayor Joe Riley.  We may have been some of the youngest in attendance, but I really enjoyed the talk, plus being front row didn’t hurt either 😉

dec 2015_01

The day after my birthday, SPARC (we’re still technically called SPARC, but yet we’re Booz Allen too) hosted a holiday market in the afternoon.  Team members with side businesses could have a table set up and sell their items to other SPARC members.

Since this was the first time I had ever sold something in person, I spent the beginning of the week preparing by making lots of inventory, getting bags ready, and ordering some business cards.  I left Thursday night calling the event a success!  I learned a lot, but also did fairly well selling gifts and sold out of some things – woo!

dec 2015_02

The week wasn’t over yet, and there was no time for rest.  Our new bed for the master came in on Friday!  We (but really Hunter) spent Friday night assembling it, and then putting the bed back together.  I’m so happy to have a headboard and bed frame, and we’re a little closer to finishing the master.  I was pretty tired of looking at the metal bed frame and a bare wall…

dec 2015_03

The second part of my birthday celebration was spending Saturday morning at the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.  We visited the 9 sea turtle patients and learned about their illnesses and treatments.  Plus, I bought items off their Amazon wish list, so I played Santa to the turtles and gave them gifts 🙂dec 2015_04

About an hour after we left the sea turtle hospital, we were on our way back to Charlotte.  We spent the night with Hunter’s friends which was perfect timing to attend their Christmas party that night!  On Sunday, the four of us headed to the Falcons / Panthers game.  Unfortunately, the Falcons didn’t get the memo that I wanted to win, and scored 0 points… but we had a great time regardless!dec 2015_05

Tired yet? Because I sure am.  Luckily this week will slow down a little bit, but I feel like I’m still going full speed until Christmas when I finally get to relax.

Custom College Wine Glasses

My sister and I always have a hard time finding something to buy Pegs for any occasion, because she typically buys what she wants, when she wants it.  That was the case this year when we were struggling to find a great birthday gift from the 4 of us.

Cue Facebook.

My childhood best friend, Kathryn, recently opened an Etsy shop and I saw a post on Facebook about college themed wine glasses she started making.  My wheels started turning… then I called Lauren to run the idea by her : college wine glasses of our favorite teams for the 4 of us and Pegs to keep at her house, and use when we’re all together (or just feeling the team spirit).

Kathryn was happy to make these, and sent us a picture when she finished.  They looked even better than I anticipated!

The glasses have already gotten some use out of them while Lauren, Darren, mom and I were all together this past weekend.  Hopefully the glasses will bring GT some luck today 🙂  Thanks, Kathryn!

kathryn 02

Be sure to check out For the Love of Gameday if you are looking for any college related gifts this holiday season! And if you do, you’ll be getting something from this cute face.  Also, clearly my hair has always been crazy.