American Themed 60th Birthday Banner

As part of the surprise 60th celebration for my mom, we decided that I would make a banner to hang on her mantle. I’ve made a few banners with my Cricut, but I wanted to up the game and do one with a few more colors and layers.  Celebrating mom’s birthday over the 4th of July meant we were going with a red, white & blue theme and my banner was going to follow suit!

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American Themed 60th Birthday Banner

What you’ll need:

  • 4 12″x12″pieces of blue denim card stock
  • 3 12″x12″ pieces of red gingham card stock
  • 3 12″x12″ pieces of white card stock
  • 1 12″x12″ piece of gold glitter card stock
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Spatula tool
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch
  • Twine

I started by going to the card stock aisle at Hobby Lobby and looking at all of the card stock until I had a design in my head.  I found 4 styles / colors that looked good together and went home to work on the rest!Next I opened Design Space and started working on a banner design.  I found a banner template from the Bits and Pieces theme (#MFB16F) that was a great starting point.  I decided to use the blue card stock as the back piece, the red gingham as the middle banner piece, white as the smallest banner piece and gold glitter letters on top.

To make sure I had the letters the right size, I kept the smaller banner piece as a template and resized each word to make sure the letters fit right, then clicked the button to break the word into individual letters and cut it on the glitter card stock.

Since the glitter card stock is more specialized, turn your dial to custom and choose the glitter card stock option from the dropdown to make sure the Cricut cuts the card stock right.

After the banner pieces with the letters were cut, I opted to do some white & blue banner pieces with a star on them to divide the letters up.  I cut 2 of the large banner pieces on white card stock and 2 of the middle banner pieces on the remaining blue denim card stock.  Don’t remove the blue card stock from the mat – you’ll be cutting the star out next.

To get the star cut out, I inserted 2 star shapes on the mat and placed them where the middle of the medium banner piece would be.  Next, I cut the stars on the same pieces of card stock that I just cut the banner pieces on, then I used the spatula to remove the banner pieces , sans stars.

Now that everything is cut out, arrange the layers on top of each other and glue each layer together, starting with the back two.

When the pieces are glued together, use your hole punch to put 2 holes in the top of each banner piece.Now all you have to do it thread some twine through the holes and you have a banner!

I was so proud of my fancy banner and couldn’t wait to get it hung on her mantle.  We put the ends of the banner under the 2 heavy candles on either side of the mantle which held it in place.

It looked great with the additional decorations and was the perfect backdrop to several meals, snacks and family hang outs in mom’s living room!

With my banner skills expanding, I’ll be ready for the next event that needs one!



DIY Stenciled Tray with Cricut

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up we went to the golf cart parade and then watched the fireworks  over the lake at a family friend’s house.  Once I was in college it usually meant a day in the sun on the beach or dock and then watching fireworks over the beach and listening to a great live band.

I’ve always wanted to make my own tray by finding a cool piece of wood and adding handles to it, so I decided to get patriotic and make a stencil of fireworks to paint on top!

DIY Stenciled Tray

What you’ll need:

When I was returning some extra packing materials at Wal-Mart I wandered down the craft aisle and found the perfect gray wooden piece that they intended for a sign and I thought would be great for a tray. I grabbed some festive paint, a stencil brush and was in business!

First, we’ll make the tray by screwing the cabinet handles into the wood.  I measured the side of the tray and made 2 marks where the handles would be screwed in with equal space on both sides.

I used my drill bit to make pilot holes in the wood on the marks first.

Next, screw the handles into the wood, through the pilot holes.Now you have a functioning tray!  If you want a basic tray, congrats – you’re done!  Otherwise keep reading to add some American flair. Now it’s time to make the stencil.  I wanted to stencil some red, while and blue fireworks on the tray, but needed a picture of fireworks to use.  When searching for ‘4th of July’ I found a fireworks graphic that I liked and inserted it in Design Space.

When the stencil design was the right width (~10″), I was ready to cut it on some scrap vinyl with the Cricut.

So.. I may have a stock pile of different vinyls, but knew I wouldn’t use this 12″x12″ piece because the pattern was too large to do something with, so it became my stencil!
After the design was cut, I weeded it, and then placed the vinyl on the tray between the handles. Stencil time!  I put some red, white, and blue acrylic paint in my paint tray and then dabbed the paint on the stencil, and went to town.

I let the paint dry some (so it wouldn’t run) and then lifted the vinyl off the tray.  I had to touch up some of the white lines with paint, but overall it turned out well and looks festive! Now I’ve got a patriotic tray to use for all the American holidays!  And it serves beverages quite well.  We have even been using it this weekend to hold the fresh fruit! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Bride + Bride’s Mates Tank Tops

Y’all have no clue how much I missed crafting the last few weeks during the whole packing / moving event. It really relaxes me, so imagine not being able to relieve stress when it’s at an all time high… that’s why I had friends and wine instead 🙂

Anyways, my friend Meg’s little brother is getting married soon and she wanted to make some nautical tank tops for her future SIL’s bachelorette weekend in Rhode Island. Meg sent me some examples of what she liked on Pinterest and we got to work!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase something from them you help support my blog!

Bride + Bride’s Mates Tank Tops

What you’ll need:

Meg ordered all the tank tops from Target and just had them shipped to my house.  Target and Old Navy are great for bachelorette tanks 😉

Alright, open Design Space and start working on your design.  I wrote the text out in all uppercase in Rooney font, and 8″ long.  The plan was for Bride to be cut in navy blue htv (on a white tank), “Bride’s Mates” to be in white htv (on navy tank) and the anchor to be in gold, with a glitter gold anchor for the bride’s tank top.

Since the items are cut on different heat transfer vinyl colors, you’ll have to cut them all separately.  I like to maximize as much of the vinyl as possible, so I’ll rearrange the shapes or letters on the preview screen before cutting, like so:

Once everything is cut out on the different vinyls, it’s time to weed out the excess!

The final step is to iron the letters and anchors onto the tank tops. Put the iron on cotton or high heat, press it on the htv for a few seconds until the HTV starts attaching to the tank top.

When the HTV is attached, the tank tops are done!  

So I started making the tanks before the move and got 5 done before I had to pack up all the supplies.  Well we happened to move these supplies and more to Meg’s house (again, my friends are awesome) so we had a little wine and I put her to work to finish the remaining tanks so she could get them in the mail on time.  She did great ironing everything on while I weeded!  And how cute did these turn out?

Can’t wait to see all the girls rocking their tanks in a few weeks! Hope this gives you some ideas for your own nautical bachelorette weekend – we all know I loved crafting for mine 🙂

Monogrammed Champagne Flutes with Cricut

I’ve mentioned we’re in full blown wedding season, right?  Luckily it’s nothing like last year, but we’ve had some fun spring weddings and I’ve loved being apart of different events for all of them!

My friend Kali hosted a brunch the morning of Liz’s wedding asked for help with monogrammed champagne flutes – done.  I had been wanting to use this fun chrome gold that really catches the light so it was the perfect project.  These turned out better than I could have imagined and are a great DIY gift for a bride’s new initials!

Monogrammed Champagne Flutes

What you’ll need:

I wanted the monograms to be style of the drink spikers I did for Liz’s bachelorette weekend so followed the same steps creating them.  Then I imported each png monogram file into Design Space as cut files.

Now you have a bunch of monograms!  Once all the monograms you need are imported, cut them on your chrome vinyl with your Cricut on the vinyl setting.

Once all the monograms are cut on the vinyl, cut them out individually.  Then use the weeder tool to weed the excess vinyl away.  The chrome vinyl is a little more sensitive to bends, so be careful as you pull the excess away.Now your monograms are ready to apply to the glasses.  Cut pieces of the transfer paper to cover the monogram and use your scraper tool to get it on well.Then peel the paper backing off the monogram and place the vinyl on the champagne glass where you want it.  Press it on well and slowly remove the transfer paper. Voila – monogram applied!Finish applying them on the rest of the glasses and you’re all set! Bridal party is ready for a champagne brunch 😉 I loved how these turned out with that chrome vinyl so I decided to make one for Callee’s wedding day with her new initials the week of her wedding. These are definitely a gift idea I’ll keep handy for future bride friends and their wedding days!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


Mother’s Day Cricut Card

In case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’ve got a cute & easy card that you can make and get in the mail with time to get to your mom. I’ve made a lot of projects with my Cricut ever since I got it last December, but haven’t done too many with card stock outside of banners.

Cricut has a bunch of Mother’s Day cards that are available to make for free, and it seemed like a a good project to try. So for $0.60 (card stock sale at Hobby Lobby, woo!)

PS – This post includes affiliate links so I get a lil kickback if you buy from them.

Mother’s Day Cricut Card

What you’ll need:

I decided on this design, that didn’t look too intricate and that I could also easily customize with different colors of card stock.  I bought a bunch of pieces of card stock from Hobby Lobby with the idea to use colors for the letters and white or white with little gold hearts as the background for the letters.Since this was my first ‘Make it Now‘ project, I had no clue you simply just click the ‘Make it Now’ button and you’re on the cut screen. Boom.

PS – If you want to change the size, just click ‘Customize’ instead and you can adjust that and the positioning of the design on the mat.

Put card stock #1 (that the letters will be cut into) on your mat and click ‘Go.’  Once that’s cut, use the spatula tool to carefully pull the card stock off the mat. The loose pieces will pretty much fall out as you’re lifting it.

Ready for real life? Try #1 ended up like this, with lots of tears and basically a mess that I had to scrap. Turns out if something like this happens to you, it’s probably a dull blade or your mat isn’t sticky enough and holding the card stock.

My mat was fairly new and my blade was pretty old, so I replaced my blade and was back in business with clean cuts.Okay, back to the project.  After card stock #1 is cut, put piece #2 on the mat and cut.  This will cut out the perfectly sized piece to be the back drop behind the letters.Once everything is cut out, you’ll have something like this to put together..Now we glue.  Apply glue to the back of the letters / design and put it on top of the other piece of card stock.  Then fold and your homemade card (for $0.60) is done!I made another on a pink floral paper and plain white card stock – This was my favorite and ultimately one we sent to Hunter’s grandma.  Not bad for my first ‘Make it Now‘ project and I learned when my blade had gone dull..

Now make sure to send your Mom a card and give her a call on Sunday!