Personalized Wedding Hangers made with Cricut Explore Air

It’s no surprise that I enjoy all of the DIY wedding projects that you can do to personalize your big day and now that our wedding is over, I’m channeling my crafty talents for friends! I love the photos with the bride’s gown and bridesmaid dresses hanging up on matching, personalized hangers before everyone gets dressed, but could never write all those names myself because I have terrible handwriting… So I decided to see what I could whip up for my friend’s wedding, and make some hangers using vinyl and my Cricut instead!

DIY Custom Wedding Hangers

What you’ll need:

First, I measured the top of the hanger area to see the area I was working with.  My hangers allowed the biggest name to be ~4″ wide, and 1.5″ tall.

Now I needed to work on the names.  Since I have Illustrator, it’s easy for me to create images in there and be able to take advantage of all of the flourishes and letter options that some fonts include.  I wrote out each of the bridesmaid names & ‘Bride’ in the font that was prominent from the Save the Dates, Carolyna Pro Black.

Once I played with all the letters to get them the way I wanted, I exported each name as a separate png file with a transparent background.


Open up Design Space and create a new project.  Now upload one of the files you just exported.  Click ‘Upload Images’ from the menu on the left.


Browse to find the file on your computer.cricut-wedding-hangers-03

After the image is imported to Design Space, choose the type of image it is.  With just the text, these are Simple images.  Next, click to erase any part of the design you don’t want on there to clear out the background.  If your image has a transparent background, then you can just click ‘Continue.’



Then choose how you want to save the image in Design Space: print then cut, or just cut image.  For this project, you’ll save it as a cut image.


Once saved, the image is ready to import to your project.  After you import the image, you’ll see it on the grid.  Resize the image to fit the dimensions of the middle hanger area, ~4″ wide, and 1.5″ tall.  You’ll want it to be as tall as it can, and the length can vary based on the name.


When the image is sized just right to fit on the hanger, it’t time to cut – click the ‘Go’ button.  Put the vinyl on your mat so it sticks, turn the Cricut machine knob to the vinyl setting, connect the machine to your computer, and click ‘Go.’cricut-wedding-hangers-09

Load the vinyl, then click the C when it blinks to start cutting the vinyl.  When it’s done cutting, unload the vinyl, remove it from the mat and cut out the shape of the name from the vinyl with your scissors.
cricut-wedding-hangers-10Using your weeder tool, weed the excess vinyl away from the design.cricut-wedding-hangers-11

Pull out your transfer tape and cut a piece big enough for the name.  Take off the backing, and place it on top of the vinyl you just cut & weeded, then use the scraper tool to make sure the transfer tape it on well.


Carefully pull off the white backing from the vinyl, so the vinyl stays adhered to the transfer tape.  Center it on the hanger and apply it to the hanger.  Use the scraper tool again to make sure the vinyl is adhered to the hanger well.cricut-wedding-hangers-13Carefully pull off the transfer tape from the vinyl / hanger.  Do this slowly so nothing stays attached to the transfer tape.  When the transfer tape is removed, you’re done with the hanger!

After I applied the silver vinyl to the hanger, I wasn’t sure if it was the best color to pop on the hangers.  Naturally, I wanted options and did the same thing in 2 other colors to figure out my favorite.cricut-wedding-hangers-15White definitely pops the most on the wooden hanger, so that was the winning color!  Then I repeated the steps above for the rest of the names on white vinyl.

When there was a hanger for each bridesmaid and bride, I was done!  The white really pops and looks great with the bridesmaid dress colors my friend chose. These look way better than anything I could write myself and I can’t wait to see these in action in April!cricut-wedding-hangers-18 cricut-wedding-hangers-17 cricut-wedding-hangers-21cricut-wedding-hangers-20

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



Recent Cricut Projects

Although my DIY posts may be lacking, I’ve been making lots of items with my Cricut lately.  Here’s what I’ve been up to..

A co-worker got a new mailbox after Hurricane Matthew took out their old one, and asked if my Cricut could help with mailbox numbers.  It seemed like the vinyl I use would work, so he gave me a file that matched their house numbers, I made a set and applied them to both sides of the mailbox!  Who would’ve thought you could make your mailbox look snazzy with your Cricut?


We wanted to send a lil present to our friends who are expecting their first child and are gamecock fans (he played for their football team!), so a gamecock onesie seemed perfect.  I even made this the day after USC beat Tennessee unexpectedly.img_9751

A friend was hosting a baby shower and asked if I could make onesies for a onesie garland like I did for Maggie’s shower.  Dare I say that I like how the boy monogram is laid out?


I’ve also been busy making more pillows as orders come in and also trying to stock up the shop for Christmas.  I love some of the custom orders I’ve gotten in.pillow-case_custom-05 pillow-case_chs-quote_white-05

I was playing around in Illustrator recently and came up with a new oyster themed design around the saying “Aw shucks.”  It seemed perfect for oyster season, so I made a few wine glasses for the shop.


November & December are popular for engagements, and I made some champagne glasses for a friend to celebrate her sister’s engagement.  I love being part of those happy moments!

glasses_champagne-monogramFinally, I was so excited that my Columbia & Greenville pillows are now ready!  My word cloud pillows started out as a Cricut project, but now I get them screen printed so I can crank them out quicker.  The whole South Carolina set is ready in time for the holidays!

pillow-case_columbia_white-01 pillow-case_greenville_white-01

PS – You can find all my Cricut projects here!


MDW Recap

Memorial Day Weekend is always one of my favorite holiday weekends with several big events and it’s usually filled with as much sun & water activities as possible.  Unfortunately TS Bonnie decided to ruin the sun part of our plans, but we still had a very busy weekend!

Friday night we celebrated Callee’s birthday with drinks at Tavern & Table, then dinner at the new piano bar in Mt. Pleasant, Fill.  When you have a group of 20 at a dueling piano bar, you know you’re going to have a good time.  We all had fun requesting random songs, singing & dancing which managed to almost outweigh the terrible service we had.

mdw 2016 2

Memorial Day weekend is when the vet and shelter think Cleo’s birthday is, so every year she gets a few extra treats and a new toy.  To celebrate her 5th birthday, she got a manchego cake, because she has great taste in Spanish cheese.  In reality, she only got a few manchego crumbles a few times throughout the weekend and I ate most of the cheese, but hey, she loved it.  Girl loves some fancy cheese…

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.19.56 AM

Saturday was really rainy, so we stayed in and I worked on some new Etsy shop listings (coming soon 🙂 ).  Our friends Liz & Blake got engaged on Pitt Street Bridge before all the rain started, and we celebrated them with a surprise engagement party at Cocktail Club that night.  Lauren, Catherine and I made a little basket of goodies, so I had fun making them champagne glasses and a mug for Liz with gold chrome vinyl.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.38.42 PM

Monday the rains stopped long enough to head out to Sullivan’s Island and grab lunch with a bunch of friends at Home team BBQ.  I’m pretty sure I could eat their wings, mac n cheese and a game changer every week for the rest of my life, they’re that good.
mdw 2016 1

The most exciting part of Monday for me was receiving our wedding photos back from the photographer!  I got the link while we were at Home team, so I had fun going through them with Brittney.  Memorial Day is also special for us because we started dating that weekend 4 years ago!  Four years, one house, and a lot of blog posts & house projects later, we’re happy newlyweds!

View More:

Now cheers to the short week and this sunny Friday!

Date on Burlap Canvas

A few of you may have heard about the floods a few weeks ago in Charleston.  It was a perfect storm of high tides, a “king” tide, and basically 36 hours straight of rain — Luckily, we weren’t really affected.  The good news was the rains that Sunday gave me a chance to blog, and start some new projects!  When looking for something to do, I stumbled across a burlap canvas I bought awhile back, and decided it was time to use it.

Date on Burlap Canvasburlap date 01

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap canvas
  • Number stencils
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Not really sure if this counts as a craft, but hey, why not?  Alright, grab your canvas, stencils and a pen.  Figure out the numbers you want on the canvas — I went for the 2 digit version of month, day, and year, then arrange the stencils on the canvas.

When you’re happy with the placement, use your pen and outline the numbers.  A sharpie’s ink could bleed, and a pencil doesn’t show up well, so I went with a normal ball point pen.

burlap date 02

I actually didn’t have a 1 or 0 in my stencil pack (because I ruined them making NYE candles), so I used an 8 and I stencil to help me get the shapes of 1 and 0 that I needed.  They’re not perfect, but they’re recognizable.

When you’re done outlining the stencils, you should have 6 numbers on the burlap, in 2 columns.

burlap date 03

The last step is to paint the numbers — told you it was an easy craft.  I just used a basic, black acrylic paint to fill in the outlines.  Since the burlap had been made into a canvas, it was easier to fill in the gaps than a normal burlap, but I did 2 coats for good measure.

burlap date 04

Done!  So I made this without any thought as to where I was going to put it (which is pretty typical).  A temporary home is on the shelves in our bathroom, but I think it’ll end up living somewhere in our bedroom since the burlap and sea foam green walls look great together.

burlap date 06

Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder

First of all, I seriously can’t get over all the love recently — y’all are great.  I’m specifically referring to all my friends that tagged, texted, or sent me a link to the instagram that Lauren Conrad posted that reminded them of me.  Oyster shells and Coastal Kelder –> Hand in hand.

I actually made a ring holder out of a normal shell for a friend’s engagement last year, but all y’all made me want to make an oyster shell one for myself, and then share the wealth with friends.

Oyster Shell Jewelry Holder, fo’ freeoyster_jewelry3

What you’ll need:

  • Oyster shell or seashell
  • Metallic spray paint

Seriously only 2 supplies.  And it takes maybe 15 min max once the shells are clean, which includes multiple coats and some dry time.

First of all get your oyster shells, wash them off (especially any oyster residue or grime) and let them dry.  Try to choose oysters that can actually hold things, like jewelry, and are more bowl shaped.  I found that some of the Virginia select oysters worked better for this than the local clusters.

It’s kinda weird that I know more about oysters because I craft with them, and can’t actually eat them..

Then get your spray paint and shells ready.  Using cardboard underneath the shells for spray painting is a pretty good idea too.  You don’t want a paint speckled driveway or garage…


I already had some cans of spray paint at the house, so decided to try out a few colors and see which ones turned out best.  I also opted to go the opposite route for some shells, and paint the outside, but leave the inside natural — especially because some of the insides were so pretty with their purple spots.

Basically, I had a few colors, and painting different sides of the shells to see which ones looked best!


Spray a few coats of paint on the shells, letting them dry in-between.  Make sure you get all the lil holes and sides – it’s tricker than you think!  Once you’re happy with the color, let them dry (outside or in a garage).

The teal shell looked the worst, and I ended up just throwing that sucker out.  The gold glitter also ended up being a disappointment, so I turned it into one of my solid gold options.

I knew I’d like the silver and gold options, but the surprise was the can of looking glass.  I use it for mercury glass projects, and I loved how it turned out on the inside of the shell.  It was shinier and more reflective than the others which looked cool paired with the natural outside of the shell.



Everybody loves some GOLD.  I’m not the biggest fan of gold and prefer silver, but I had to make some gold options.  I made two completely covered in gold (shell and inside), one with only a gold inside, and one with just a gold outside.  My favorite might be the gold outside…  What do you think?


oyster_jewelry9And lastly, the silver ones!  I made two with silver outsides, and one completely sprayed in silver, and a touch of looking glass on the inside.  I also barely sprayed the inside of one shell to give it a tiny bit of shine, but still let the natural shell come through.oyster_jewelry4



Which version is your favorite?  I still haven’t chosen one to keep for myself.. but I’ll give away the others to anyone that would like one!  Just let me know 🙂

Did I mention this project was FREE?  Seriously.  The only investment was time, since I had the spray paint already at the house!


Want to skip the hassle and buy one?  I sell these on Etsy!