Heartbreak in Houston

I woke up today hoping that it was all a bad dream.  That we finished the game like we were supposed to, kicked the field goal, and won the Super Bowl.  I was nervous to even look at my phone, knowing that it would crush the fake reality I hoped that I woke up in.

But we lost. And we lost in the most heartbreaking, and Atlanta-esque fashion.

I was 11 the last time we played for a Super Bowl.  My sister and I were screaming and jumping when the Vikings missed the kick to send us to the Super Bowl instead of them.  I remember knowing that we were going to lose to Elway and the Broncos, but it was fun to just be there.  I was even younger during the Braves golden era in the 90’s, and remember that heartbreak when we lost the World Series, multiple times.  I could see it on my parents’ faces, and the faces of everyone else in Atlanta.  We were good, but couldn’t get over the last hurdle.

Being an Atlanta fan is hard.  The city only has 1 championship across all of our major sports in over 100+ seasons. One.  Being a Georgia Tech fan is just as hard.  The most recent college championship between GT and UGA is GT’s 1990 victory, 27 years ago.  We go through a lot of hard seasons in the hopes that we will have one, just one, to hold onto for the rest of our lifetime.


Every season you know you can’t get your hopes up because they will inevitably be crushed during the playoffs or sooner.  I tried telling myself the same thing this year, but this team was different. It felt different. It was finally our year, our turn to be on top.  I let myself get caught up in the excitement, and by halftime I even started to tell myself that we were actually going to do it.

The announcers started listing stats about comebacks, and how it had never been done.  I listened and let myself hope. Our lead was too great, our offense was too good – it was going to happen.  We would have to screw it up big time to lose this game.

Then the Patriots started their comeback.  And I started to get that feeling in the pit of my stomach.  The feeling I had 3 years ago when Georgia Tech was beating UGA at half, but we knew that despite the lead, somehow they would turn things around, and by OT you knew they were going to win.

I didn’t even watch overtime.  I sat behind my friend’s couch, holding my knees and hoping to hear a miracle.  A miracle that didn’t come.

We quickly left, and the tears came in the car.  Why did it end like this? Atlanta deserved this more.  It means more to us, than them.  Boston has plenty of championships, why can’t we have this one?

I didn’t sleep well, and I’ve tried to avoid looking at the news. It’s too fresh to replay everything, and read the headlines about Atlanta’s big choke.

Now I know how Hunter felt last year when we watched Clemson lose to Alabama in Phoenix.  I can only hope that we are able to make it back to the big game for a rematch against Boston next year.

Honestly, I just don’t want to wait another 18 years before I see the Falcons play in the Super Bowl again.  We’ve been there and now we just need to finish it.  Atlanta needs this.

If you have an Atlanta friend, give them a hug because they went through a wild roller coaster of emotions in the last 24 hours.  And, just being an Atlanta fan is hard.

It’s tough, but come fall I’ll pull my Julio jersey back out and be ready to watch our Falcons try again to win the Super Bowl with the rest of Atlanta.

Rise up.



Sausage Balls

While gearing up for the big Super Bowl game, I reached out to my Grandma for the sausage balls recipe that we enjoyed devoured on Christmas Eve.  The guys barely got to eat any after they came back from golf – we almost polished them all off.  These are great to make ahead of time and just pop in the oven when you’re ready, or bake them the day before and just warm up before the game!

Sausage Balls

  • 1 C baked sweet potato, mashed
  • 1 lb sausage, uncooked
  • 12 oz sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • ~2 C Bisquick

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Combine sweet potato, cheese and sausage.  Add ~2 cups of Bisquick, slowly working it in by the half cup until the mixture adheres together well.

Shape into 1 inch balls, place on an ungreased baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes. 14.5 minutes was the right time for my oven.

They even freeze well – baked, or unbaked.  Wrap them in foil, place in a baggie and use when ready!sausage-balls

Edits : Rollene doesn’t use the whole 2 cups of Bisquick, so really add that part slowly while mixing the sausage mixture well.  Also she uses a piece of parchment paper on the cookie sheet!

Results : These were just as good as I remembered and we finished them just as quickly as in Georgia.  Since the Falcons won the NFC championship when we ate them in Charleston, looks like I’ll be making another batch for Super Bowl Sunday!  Oh, and did I mention the sweet potato makes you feel healthier?  Perfect for no guilt football snacking 🙂



Oyster Bead Necklace

Does anyone else ever buy items to make a project and then they just sit around for months before you finally finish it?  This necklace was exactly that, and might have even taken longer to complete than my live edge tables.

Back in June (yes, over 7 months ago) I bought some beads to make a Clemson game day necklace.  I’m not a big orange fan, so my thought was that I could make a necklace with some orange in that I could wear throughout the year, and with pair it with purple when we went to games.  With only the national championship game left in the season, I was down to the wire and finally finished it right before we left for Tampa.

Oyster Bead Necklace

What you’ll need:

  • Flat oyster shell
  • Drill
  • 9/64″ drill bit
  • Waxed cotton cording
  • Beads of your choice
  • Silver jewelry wire
  • Scissors

Outside of the oyster shell, I found everything I needed in the jewelry section of Michael’s.  I ended up with an assortment of turquoise, orange, wooden, blue & white and tan beads and figured that I’d just figure out a design as I went along (like most of my DIY projects).oyster-bead-necklace_01First, start putting the beads on the cording.  Knowing that the oyster shell would hang from the middle, I worked my way from the middle out.  This took me awhile since I was trying to figure out an order to the beads that looked okay.

Once I had half of the necklace done, I turned my attention to the oyster shell.  I drilled through the top of it like I did with the oyster shell ornaments.

Then I needed to use the wire to wrap through the hole  and around the shell a few times to secure it, and eventually create a loop on the top to hang on the cording.  This is not my best work, but it was literally hours before we were leaving for Florida and I was under a serious time crunch.  It was good enough to do the trick!oyster-bead-necklace_03

When the oyster was wrapped in wire with a loop, I put it on the cording, and then started adding the beads to the other side, in the same pattern as before.  I played around with the beads at the top until the length was right for me and then just tied the cording in a double knot.oyster-bead-necklace_04

The necklace was immediately packed up and off to Florida with us the next morning!


Of course I didn’t get any pictures of it on while tailgating before we bundled up for the game (it was unseasonably cold!), but I did snap one before the game started!

Yay for a Clemson “game day” necklace with orange I can wear!  Apparently it’s good luck too, so I guess I’ll be wearing it to any game we go to in the future 😉

Wine Cork Football

We all know I’m excited for football season – and the GT / Clemson game tonight – and since Erin gave me a HUGE bag of wine corks awhile back (thanks Samuelsons!) I wanted to do a football related wine cork project.  The obvious choice to me was to make a football out of wine corks!

Wine Cork Football

What you’ll need:

  • Wine corks (~30 for my football)
  • Hot glue
  • White paint pen

Similar to my other wine cork projects, this basically just takes corks and some hot glue.  I decided to use corks from red wine bottles with the red wine stained end being the one facing out to be the football “color.”

Start by getting your wine corks out and arranging them in a shape somewhat similar to a football.  This is harder than it may seem, so may take a little arranging to get it to a shape you’re happy with.

When you have the layout of the corks done, begin gluing them together, one at a time.  I had all the wine stained sides facing down on the table so they would all be straight together, since not all corks are the same length.wine-cork_football-02

Once they were all glued together, flip it over.  This is what I was working with.  Pull any off and adjust / re-glue as needed.  I think we can all agree it’s not the perfect football shape, but it really was harder to put together than I thought!

wine-cork_football-03Now you’ll make the laces so people can tell it’s really a football..  I just used a white paint pen that was in my desk, so the lines were even and paint was visible.  When the laces are on, you’re done!


Another project to add to my football and wine cork craft repertoire!


Burlap Football Banner

It’s officially college football season!  I was getting pretty excited about the upcoming season (and hoping GT has a better season than last year) and decided I wanted to add a lil something to our living room.  Since most of my recent crafts had been made with my Cricut, I was getting back to my roots with some burlap and paint.

Burlap Football Banner

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap, ~1 yard
  • Scissors
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Rope

You can find the banner triangles precut at most craft shops, but since I had all the supplies at home I just cut mine myself!

burlap fball banner_01

I measured out triangles that were 6″ wide at the top, and 6″ long down the middle.  Once I had the first triangle cut, I used it as a template for the other 6.burlap fball banner_02

Next, paint little football laces on the burlap pieces with the white paint.burlap fball banner_03

Thread the burlap on the twine or rope, through the holes that are already there (make one a lil bigger to get the rope through).  Evenly space the burlap triangles out on the rope, and hang!  Ours went on the mantle, below the tv where a lot of games will be watched 🙂burlap fball banner_04 burlap fball banner_05 burlap fball banner_06

Now that the house is ready, let’s kick off the season!  Go Jackets! And tigers…