2433 Home Tour – Outdoors

We’ve reached the last part of our home tour of 2433, the outdoors.  Until we moved into this house, I had NO clue that I enjoyed working in the yard or could even keep a plant alive more than a few weeks.

Our outside responsibilities organically happened as Hunter would always keep the lawn mowed, weeded & edged and I tackled the beds, pots, hanging baskets & window box.  It worked out well and we have spent many weekends and a LOT of sweat making our yard look good.

The biggest compliment I ever received was from a neighbor who not only spoke highly about our yard, but then asked me advice on planting. Totally called my mom after that because I knew she’d be proud.

The fire pit and stone work to the back were there when we moved in, but put a lot of work in with the grass and the plants.  I was super proud of my blueberry bushes and the patio when we made it nicer too. So long, 2433! It was a great few years and so many wonderful memories made – onto the next chapter!


2433 Home Tour – The Master

This week on the house tour we’re checking out our old master suite! BTW you may be wondering why I didn’t post about this earlier –>  1. I was paranoid something would happen with the 2 closings and didn’t want to jinx anything by posting photos and talking about moving, then 2. When we were in the thick of the move (and you didn’t hear from me), life was a touch chaotic and I couldn’t pull posts together.. so here we are talking about the old house while we slowly start projects in the new one!

Okay, the master suite…. The walls were a dark gray with one dark purple accent wall when we moved in so the first thing we did was have it painted to a lighter sea foam green type color.  The change in color alone made a huge difference.  Everything else in here was put together over time as we found pieces we liked!

Monkey fist curtain tie backs | Red fish painting | Hand painted state pillows

The two paintings we have in our room were gifts from each other.  I have a love of animals and always tell Hunter I want an otter, or pelican, or sea turtle, etc..  as a pet.  Well now I get my animals in art form and I love it!  The lil guy next to my side of the bed is a sea turtle named Louie.  I got Hunter his red fish painting so we both had our animals on our sides.

For any Charleston locals, all of the wooden pieces are from Nadeau and it can be dangerous going in their store if you need furniture! Nadeau doesn’t pay us to say that – we just really love their stuff.

The master bathroom also was part of the recent renovation.  We left the shower and floors as is, but updated everything else!  It’s not the biggest master bathroom, but our goal was to maximize every inch of space and keep it clean.

Floating shelves | Towel rack

One of my favorite things about the house was picking out all of the colors, furniture and pieces together.  It definitely represents both of our styles and I hope friends and family saw both of us when they came into our home!

2433 Home Tour – Guest Room & Office

I’m continuing the home tour of our first home today and talking about the guest area.  There was a little hallway off our living room with the guest bedroom, guest bathroom and our home office.

When we first moved in, we slept in the guest room until we had furniture in our master bedroom and I had fun slowly transforming the room into a cute room for our guests.  I knew I wanted white and navy, with pops of green (aka the banana leaf pillows I loved).

Live edge side tables | Coordinates pillow | Wood slice signDIY pom  fringe curtains | Paper philodendron plant

The guest bath was small, but functional and had been recently updated to match the master.The office is where I spent most of my nights and weekends crafting. Outside of adding some shelves and making the little gallery wall above the desk, we didn’t do much in here.  Honestly, this is the cleanest and most organized it ever looked – normally there were boxes of stuff sitting in there…

I can’t wait to get my office setup again and have been thinking about where everything will go!

2433 Home Tour – Living & Kitchen

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably figured out that we’re moving!!  We have so enjoyed making 2433 our home over the last 3+ years, but it was time for a change and a for sale sign went in the front yard.

As part of the selling process professional photos were taken of our home for the listing and we both loved seeing them when they came back – They sure make your house look great!  Since we had these fabulous photos from the Cassina Group, I thought it’d be fun to do a home tour of what everything looked like before we packed up and moved!

I’m starting with the rooms that most friends & family have spent the most time in: our living room & kitchen.

Real talk, our living room really started feeling like a complete room once we got a rug. It’s crazy how one thing has that effect!  It helped define the space, plus just gave your feet something soft to be on haha. Hi Magnolia wreath | Wingback Chair | Charleston Map

Our dining nook may be small, but it’s full of projects!  We did hide the driftwood curtain rod (in case a buyer fell in love with it and wanted to keep it), and the Morris Island lighthouse canvas wasn’t hung after we repainted… but it still looks way better than when we moved in!

Whitewashed breakfast table | Invisible Tab Curtains | Sullivans Island painting

As you know, our kitchen had been recently renovated – and yes, we renovated it with the purpose to sell our home, but have totally enjoyed it the last month.

After the renovation we really tried to keep the counters clean and not put a lot of stuff out (like my flour and sugar containers).  I have also fallen in love with the 1 big sink instead of a divided one – it makes washing larger dishes SO MUCH EASIER.

Goodbye beautiful kitchen & living room – many great times have been spent there!

Guest Bath Renovation: Before + After

The last room that got a lot of attention in our renovation was the guest bathroom.  We painted it when we first moved in and changed the light over the vanity, but that’s the only work we’ve done in there.  Here’s the before photo:

Again, not terrible… but don’t those yellow-y doors and vanity top bug you?  First off we took out the vanity, horribly done “framed in” mirror that the previous owner DIYed, off center towel ring and light (we kept the light fixture for a future project).

The entire bathroom got fresh paint (same light gray as the rest of the house) after the walls were patched.We bought matching vanitiesvanity topsfaucets and knobs in the master & guest bathrooms (just different size vanities) so they’d be cohesive and similar to the kitchen.

Also like the master, the owner before us took the lazy path and didn’t take the previous vanity out when putting in new floors, so Scott had to spend some time doing it the right way.After the vanity was in and the paint was dry, the mirror and lighting fixture were hung.  We also bought a new towel ring and hung it centered with the vanity on the side wall.

The final touches were replacing the towel rack and the outlet covers to a new white ones.Once the list of things to do in the bathroom was done, we were so happy with the finished product!  It’s much brighter, cleaner and finally updated.  With these rooms all done, we are thinking about painting the guest room & office the same gray color.  Onto the next project..