We’ve Moved!

After a great 3+ years at 2433, it was time to start a new chapter in our lives.  We closed last week and have been moving everything in the new house and are starting to get settled.

We can’t wait to make it our own and start on all the projects – you know you’ll be seeing them here ūüėČ


2433 Home Tour – Living & Kitchen

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably figured out that we’re moving!! ¬†We have so enjoyed making 2433 our home over the last 3+ years, but it was time for a change and a for sale sign went in the front yard.

As part of the selling process professional photos were taken of our home for the listing and we both loved seeing them when they came back – They sure make your house look great! ¬†Since we had these fabulous photos from the Cassina Group, I thought it’d be fun to do a home tour of what everything looked like before we packed up and moved!

I’m starting with the rooms that most friends & family have spent the most time in: our living room & kitchen.

Real talk, our living room really started feeling like a complete room once we got a rug. It’s crazy how one thing has that effect! ¬†It helped define the space, plus just gave your feet something soft to be on haha. Hi Magnolia wreath | Wingback Chair¬†| Charleston Map

Our dining nook may be small, but it’s full of projects! ¬†We did hide the driftwood curtain rod (in case a buyer fell in love with it and wanted to keep it), and the Morris Island lighthouse canvas wasn’t hung after we repainted… but it still looks way better than when we moved in!

Whitewashed breakfast table | Invisible Tab Curtains | Sullivans Island painting

As you know, our kitchen had been recently renovated – and yes, we renovated it with the purpose to sell our home, but have totally enjoyed it the last month.

After the renovation we really tried to keep the counters clean and not put a lot of stuff out (like my flour and sugar containers).  I have also fallen in love with the 1 big sink instead of a divided one Рit makes washing larger dishes SO MUCH EASIER.

Goodbye beautiful kitchen & living room – many great times have been spent there!

House Renovation!

Guys – This is some realllllllly exciting news for us: We are finally updating our kitchen & bathrooms! ¬†It’s only taken 3 years, but we’re making some moves!

Most of the kitchen (and house) hasn’t changed since the house was built in 2000 and everything was¬†contractor grade… and falling apart after all this time.

Hunter’s dad is an extremely talented contractor (C and W Contracting – look them up in the upstate!), so he brought some guys down to Charleston to help with all of our updates.

This is what’s been going on this past week…

Everything is now done, and we’re working on getting the house back together. ¬†Pictures of all the updates will be coming soon!

Christmas at 2433

I can’t believe this is our 3rd Christmas at 2433! ¬†The day before Thanksgiving I put away our fall decor and pulled out the Christmas boxes. ¬†You’ll notice some same decor I’ve brought out or made in previous years, but I also added to my collection too!

This was the first year we opted for an artificial tree. ¬†I’ve enjoyed having a real tree the last two years, but it really isn’t cost effective, so we went artificial this year and found one at Hobby Lobby. ¬†The best part about it: it’s prelit, so I didn’t spend hours adding lights around the middle and then the outer branches of the tree. That alone was a huge win in my book.

One of my favorite traditions is collecting ornaments from different trips. ¬†We did add a few new ornaments this year: Lobster boat from Kennebunkport and a beach one from our honeymoon in Jamaica.img_8265The mercury glass ornaments & sea glass ornaments¬†are still fixtures on our tree. ¬†We didn’t do a rope garland this year, but went for burlap trailing¬†from the top instead.

fullsizerender-2The other night I made a simple tree topper for the new tree.  The tree was definitely missing it, and that was my 5 minute craft version of one for this year.img_0061This spring I brought our shelves into the living room, so I had another area to decorate this year, which was wonderful!  Highlights are a framed Santa postcard from my Great-grandmother, Mama, a pelican from Raleigh, 1 burlap wrapped tree, and a little red bird with hat & scarf from Pine Mountain.

img_0056The living room has all the normal decorations – our DIY stocking holders from 2014, coastal burlap stockings, some decoupaged Christmas trees from last year, ¬†another burlap wrapped tree, and a driftwood reindeer on the mantle. ¬†And yes, that’s Elf on tv – I’ve maybe watched it 5 times so far this year¬†ūüė≥.img_0024

img_0027I added small silver & blue ornaments to my Grandmom’s silver bowl for a festive touch on the coffee table. ¬†Plus I had to swap out my Charleston books for my Christmas ones…img_0075

img_0081Our entry is all older items too – my driftwood angel, NOEL letters from last year, more driftwood reindeer and the normal coastal decor with some added lights.img_0025I picked up a ‘Merry Christmas’ banner during one of my several trips to Michael’s this year and hung it above our bar. ¬†I also have my cranberry & rosemary centerpiece over there as well.xmas-2016_02


My wine cork Christmas tree was back out and the centerpiece of our dining table.  This year I added some fresh rosemary around it, and I like it even more!img_0005

My Grinch quote went in the kitchen, behind the sink – which seemed like a great place for a little Christmas reminder. And my lil Coca Cola bear is in the window!img_0064

I also added a light up star I found at Michael’s last week to the counter by the fridge to add a little something (at this point it was really the only place that didn’t have any decor).


The pantry door is now covered with all of the holiday cards we’ve received. ¬†I love seeing everyone’s faces!


Our friend Holly gave us a cute hand towel last year, so I put it in our guest bathroom. ¬†The ‘Sanda Claus’ theme fits in perfectly with everything else ūüôā


Outdoors was pretty standard from the last few years – I wrapped the front porch with the pre-lit garland, added candles to the front windows & put out my ‘Seas and Greetings’ sign with a poinsettia out front.fullsizerender-10img_0085It was fun to look back and see what’s changed and what’s the same from our first Christmas at the house. ¬†I still can’t get over how much difference a rug in the living room made!

Hope you enjoyed the little holiday tour!


Weekend Wrap-Up

A few weeks ago when we were looking forward to this weekend, I sure had a different idea of how it would go! ¬†This was the weekend of the Clemson / Notre Dame game and we were excited that there was a chance both team would be ranked going into it. ¬†Well both teams were (#6 and #12), but we didn’t expect a hurricane off the coast mixing with a cold front to provide a very wet weekend.

After packing all the rain gear we could find and buy in Mt. Pleasant, we headed up to Greenville. ¬†Since it was an 8pm game, we had originally thought about leaving later in the day to go over, but then Clemson announced that¬†some of the grass tailgate lots were losing spaces because of the weather. ¬†We didn’t want to be stuck without our spots, so Saturday morning we got dressed and hit the road around 9:30am.

I enjoy college football, and have been at quite a few tailgates, but Saturday was another beast. ¬†It literally rained ALL day, and the tailgates had to adjust to that. ¬†Most people brought extra tarps to create walls on the side, and the one next to us brought hay for the floor. ¬†By 2pm all of the “grass” had turned into mud, and I was pretty thankful I bought rain boots the day before.




By the time it was 8pm, I think everyone was ready for some football. ¬†I assumed that it couldn’t continue to pour like it had all day, but boy I was wrong. ¬†It didn’t drizzle, it was full blown raining and then just pouring the entire game. ¬†Oh, and it was extremely windy. ¬†Halfway through the 3rd quarter, I was soaking wet, cold, and just about over the game haha. ¬†Needless to say, I was very happy that Clemson held off Notre Dame’s comeback and won the game. ¬†That brightened the mood for just about everyone there and made the rain a little bit tolerable.


Sunday morning we woke up to a text from our neighbor saying sorry about the oak tree on our garage — what?!?!? ¬†Really saturated ground + a little wind = trees down, and this one happened to land on the roof of the garage. ¬†We hopped in the truck and started the trek back across the state to Charleston to see what damage we had. ¬†By the time we were in Columbia, you could tell how bad the flooding was. ¬†We crossed a river that was almost up to the interstate, and just raging. ¬†Luckily, we made it home before they shut down parts of the interstate.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.19.02 PM

Once we were home and Cleo was fed, we walked around to start assessing the damage. ¬†The pictures we received didn’t look terrible, but when we opened the garage we saw water which meant there were holes. ¬†We found a few places where the tree had come through the roof of the garage, but it could have been a lot worse.



Again, luckily my car was fine in there — just covered with debris, the garage is detached so the house wasn’t hurt at all, and we aren’t dealing with the flooding that others are.

Of course as we were getting our laundry done and cleaning the house, the power went out again. ¬†We opened some wine, lit some candles, and watched movies on my old laptop. ¬†I also started on a new project until there wasn’t enough daylight to keep working.


I had hoped to use Sunday as a relaxing day to get some projects done, write some posts, and prepare to have some guests in town, but we still had fun regardless of the circumstances. ¬†Today we hope to get the part of the tree that’s on top of the roof cut down so we can tarp up the holes and deal with insurance.

This definitely wasn’t the weekend I imagined, but Clemson won, our house is okay and the rain should stop soon!