CK on Lowcountry Live

I have some exciting news – some of my Coastal Kelder products were on our local morning show, Lowcountry Live!

My friend Liz, of Charleston Weekender, does segments with them and reached out to me to be part of the oyster themed segment this past week.  I was thrilled to be part of it, and have my products on tv (!!!!!) so did a lot of pre-work to get ready for this past Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning I headed to the station (in my seashell shirt), and arranged my oyster things on the table.  We were going to be first, so it gave us plenty of time to set up before the show started, and take some pictures.img_9877fullsizerender-22

Jennifer (from Zags Life), and I stood behind scenes and watched as Erin & Tom recorded the promo pieces, started the show and then moved over to our area for the piece with Liz.
img_9870 img_9871 To finish the segment they gave away a package from Oyster House and then an Instagram giveaway of my ‘The World is your Oyster’ shatterproof wine glass + oyster shell ornaments & a Zags oyster printed sun wrap.img_9838


You can watch the whole segment below:

Cheers to the impossible actually happening!



Oyster Shell Ornament

Yes, that says ornament and it’s only October.  You can never do holidays crafts too soon though, right?  Taylor gave me the idea to make some oyster shell ornaments  – how have I not made these before?!  A few hours after he inspired me, I had ~20 ornaments in 2 styles done.

Oyster Shell Ornament

What you’ll need:

  • Flat oyster shells
  • 9/64″ drill bit
  • Drill
  • Scrap piece of wood
  • Sharpie / paint
  • Twine
  • Scissors

To start, drill a hole into the top of the oyster shells using your drill & a 9/64″ drill bit.  I had a scrap piece of wood underneath so when the bit came through the shell, it would go into the scrap wood instead of into something else it could hurt.


I decided to leave some oyster shells natural and just write Charleston, SC on them with a sharpie pen.  The others were painted gold on the back, and then hand painted with a gold edge on the front.

Finally, just cut some twine, loop it through the hole and tie it so the ornament can hang.  Oyster shell ornaments are done!

ornament_oyster-01 ornament_oyster-03 ornament_oyster-personalized-01 ornament_oyster_chs-01

You can find all my holiday products, including the map ornaments from last year in my Etsy shop here!


Sea Glass Ornaments

I think we all know that I absolutely love sea glass — Some of my favorite earrings are blue sea glass from Maine.  I also love the color blue just as much.. So when I saw Krylon had now spray paint that was a sea glass finish, in a blue color, I was dying to paint something.  Well I was in Hobby Lobby, and right around the corner were clear glass ornaments, and I was sold. Sea glass ornament time!

Sea Glass Ornaments

What you’ll need:

  • Krylon Sea Glass spray paint
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Gloves

sea glass ornament 01

Yup, this is going to be an easy project if you want to add some color to your tree.  Our tree has a mixture of blue, mercury glass, shell ornaments, and then an assortment of ornaments from growing up, and places we’ve visited (plus rope for more texture).  It could always use more blue, so that’s what exactly what I did.

Ok, find a good place to spray paint, take out your ornaments, and put on your gloves.  Hold the ornament by the top, and lightly spray it with the spray paint.  If you spray it too heavy, then there will be drip marks.

sea glass ornament 02

When the ornament is covered, let it dry in your hand for a minute, then put it to the side, and pick up another.  I ended up doing two coats on the ornaments so the paint was even.
sea glass ornament 03

sea glass ornament 04

Once they’re all completely dry, they’re ready to hang in the tree!  I placed the 12 of them around the tree, and stepped back.  Like most sea glass, they look great when the light is coming through behind them (and of course failed to get a picture of that).

sea glass ornament 06

sea glass ornament 07

I also had some smaller mason jars that would be good candle holders, so I sprayed those while I was outside.  Nothing like some easy, tea light holders!
sea glass ornament 05The sea glass paint comes in a few different colors, so I might be going back to pick up another and paint other glass objects.  What would you paint for a sea glass feel?

Southern Weddings Ornament Swap

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that after we got engaged in February, I started following some wedding related accounts on Instagram.  It’s great for inspiration, right?

Well one of the accounts, Southern Weddings, posted about people interested in doing an ornament swap with others around the country.  Considering I was in the process of making a bunch of ornaments for my shop, and for fun, I was totally in.  I sent my information and waited to hear back.

On my birthday I got an email from Southern Weddings with the information for the 4 girls I would be sending ornaments to.  I decided to send some of the wooden heart shaped map ornaments of the Lowcountry that I had made and fallen in love with recently, since they were 1. handmade, and 2. represented me, and my spot in the South!


I shipped these 4 guys off, and waited to see what I’d receive in return.  The first ornament I received was from Dublin, GA, and was made from a slice of a birch tree.

ornament swap_ga

The woodland owl was from Connecticut.
ornament swap_CT

The bell ornament is from NJ.

ornament swap_NJ
And the greenery ornament is from Raleigh, NC!
ornament swap_NC

This was a fun way to celebrate the season and send a little piece of Charleston around the country.  I’ll definitely be doing this again next year, and maybe other friends will too!

Decoupaged Christmas Trees

Let the decoupaging continue!  Seriously, I’m basically covering everything with maps right now… and can’t stop.  Well, it was about time that I make some map covered Christmas trees to go with the other coastal trees I have, so here are the EASY steps to make your own!

Decoupaged Christmas Trees

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard cones
  • Paper maps
  • Scissors
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge brush

decoupage tree_01

This is pretty straight forward if you’ve decoupaged anything before.  Start by getting your maps ready – I had to cut a few out.  The “trees” aka cardboard cones I got at Hobby Lobby were tall enough that one map wouldn’t cover the whole thing, so I found maps that were similar and would look good together on the tree.

Once you have all your supplies, and are ready to begin, start by using the sponge brush and applying a light coat of mod podge to the cardboard cone.

decoupage tree_02

Adhere the paper map to the cone.  You can put a little mod podge on the back first, but I had a little too much on the cone, so didn’t want to over do it.  Slowly press it on the cone, and make sure you get any bubbles or wrinkles out.

I started at the bottom, and worked my way up, so the top map would have the most showing, and overlay the previous one.  Continue to apply some mod podge and attach the maps to the top.decoupage tree_03

The top map is the easiest, because you can lay it out how you like, and just wrap it around until it’s all adhered to the cone.  The last step is to apply a thin layer of mod podge over the map to “seal” it in, and give it a more finished look. Voila —

decoupage tree_04

Naturally, after I completed 1 tree in black and white vintage maps, I had to do one in color maps to make a pair.

decoupage tree_05

I ended up putting these on the mantle, to the sides of our tv, and added some vases, a driftwood reindeer, glass buoy and metal tree to go with them. (Yes, that is a stocking, and pillow in front of the fireplace for Cleo. She’s extremely spoiled..)  You can find directions to make the wooden stocking holders here.

decoupage tree_09

decoupage tree_10

decoupage tree_11

The fun doesn’t stop there, haha!  After I finished the trees, I tried my hand at decoupaging some ornaments!  I had some cardboard ornaments that were much tricker than the trees because of their shape, but they worked (and are now hanging on our tree).
decoupage tree_07

decoupage tree_08

decoupage tree_06

In all honesty, my favorite decoupaged ornaments have been the ceramic hearts.  I’ve covered these heart ornaments in mostly low country maps, and added twine to hang them with.  The fun part has been making custom orders with specific cities for friends and other customers.

You can find all my ornaments on my Etsy shop!

ornament_charleston group

Now what else can I decoupage….?