Guest Bath Renovation: Before + After

The last room that got a lot of attention in our renovation was the guest bathroom.  We painted it when we first moved in and changed the light over the vanity, but that’s the only work we’ve done in there.  Here’s the before photo:

Again, not terrible… but don’t those yellow-y doors and vanity top bug you?  First off we took out the vanity, horribly done “framed in” mirror that the previous owner DIYed, off center towel ring and light (we kept the light fixture for a future project).

The entire bathroom got fresh paint (same light gray as the rest of the house) after the walls were patched.We bought matching vanitiesvanity topsfaucets and knobs in the master & guest bathrooms (just different size vanities) so they’d be cohesive and similar to the kitchen.

Also like the master, the owner before us took the lazy path and didn’t take the previous vanity out when putting in new floors, so Scott had to spend some time doing it the right way.After the vanity was in and the paint was dry, the mirror and lighting fixture were hung.  We also bought a new towel ring and hung it centered with the vanity on the side wall.

The final touches were replacing the towel rack and the outlet covers to a new white ones.Once the list of things to do in the bathroom was done, we were so happy with the finished product!  It’s much brighter, cleaner and finally updated.  With these rooms all done, we are thinking about painting the guest room & office the same gray color.  Onto the next project..


Kitchen Renovation: Before & After

Today I’m sharing part two of our home renovation!  Our living room, dining nook and kitchen are all open to each other and our kitchen was the focus of most of our renovation.  Before we check out how beautiful it is now, let’s see what we started with:Dark, mismatched hanging lights, laminate counters that were peeling off, cabinet doors that were a cream color and didn’t match the boxes and really old appliances.  Plus there’s the higher bar counter and a lot of dead space behind the sink.

Needless to say, we had some big plans for this area:

  • Lower the bar to be one countertop height
  • New countertops
  • Refinished cabinet doors + hardware
  • New appliances
  • Paint walls
  • Crown molding
  • New sink + faucet
  • Paint trim
  • Paint back door
  • Frame out side & front of cabinet walls
  • New lighting
  • Paint ceiling & tray ceiling
  • New ceiling fan
  • New outlet plates & switch covers

The guys started by cutting down the bar & making the countertop all one height in the kitchen, then installing the new countertops.  This was an area where we found issues with the house, so extra time was spent leveling everything and doing it right.

I am so in love with the piece of granite we got!  It’s white & gray with little flecks of a purple color here and there.  Dropping the counters to one level and installing the granite immediately changed the look of the kitchen and had the biggest impact.

I also love how Hunter’s dad framed out the front and sides of the counters and painted them white like wainscoting.  It was another place we were able to add a lil polish.  Our new sink is just one bowl instead of two and it makes washing large dishes SO much easier.  Combined with a new faucet and less clutter on the counters, we’re in good shape. The lighting in the dining & kitchen has always annoyed us.  Our kitchen light was crooked, the owners before us took a light out over the counter and just put a plastic piece over the hole, and the dining fixture was dark, bulky and not centered with the room (plus I’ve hit my head on it).

All the mismatched lights were taken out and we decided to install can lights everywhere instead.  This lets your eye just look into the kitchen and not focus on the hanging lights.Replacing the dark fan in the living room with a white one was another way to lighten up the area and let your eyes focus on the openness of the room instead of a fan.  Now when you look up, the fan blends in with the ceiling and you notice the tray ceiling instead!We never painted the living / kitchen when we moved in and the space really needed it. We chose a light gray to use in every room, but the master.  The addition of the bright white crown molding pops on the gray walls and added some polish.  Do you spy Cleo in one of the pictures? She always sneaks in 😉

We’re both so happy with how the kitchen, dining and living room look now – so open and bright!  All of the small touches ended up making such a big difference and the color choices look great together!

Master Bath Renovation: Before + After

Ready for a look into our recent renovation?  First we’ll go through the master bathroom.  We painted our master bedroom & bathroom when we moved in, and only did minor things until this point like adding floating shelves & replacing hardware.  Here’s a before picture:

Not bad, but it was all contractor grade and didn’t really feel like a master bathroom.  We don’t have much square footage in there to work with, so we needed the little we have to be functional and look good.

We started by getting rid of the existing medicine cabinet, vanity, light fixture & mirror attached to the wall.  The wall had to be patched, and they patched a few other places before adding crown molding to the master bedroom and bathroom.A new vanity was put in, then the vanity top, and new faucets.  They repainted the walls and areas that needed patching, then hung the mirror and new light fixture.We kept the floating shelves, previous owner’s stone floors and shower / tub combo.  That can be fixed later and just hidden behind the white curtain 😉The last piece was to buy new knobs / handles and replace the outlet plates.  Even just freshening up the outlet plates was a nice pop of fresh white!What do you think?  It’s nice to walk in and have an updated master that’s so bright!

Burlap Football Banner

It’s officially college football season!  I was getting pretty excited about the upcoming season (and hoping GT has a better season than last year) and decided I wanted to add a lil something to our living room.  Since most of my recent crafts had been made with my Cricut, I was getting back to my roots with some burlap and paint.

Burlap Football Banner

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap, ~1 yard
  • Scissors
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Rope

You can find the banner triangles precut at most craft shops, but since I had all the supplies at home I just cut mine myself!

burlap fball banner_01

I measured out triangles that were 6″ wide at the top, and 6″ long down the middle.  Once I had the first triangle cut, I used it as a template for the other 6.burlap fball banner_02

Next, paint little football laces on the burlap pieces with the white paint.burlap fball banner_03

Thread the burlap on the twine or rope, through the holes that are already there (make one a lil bigger to get the rope through).  Evenly space the burlap triangles out on the rope, and hang!  Ours went on the mantle, below the tv where a lot of games will be watched 🙂burlap fball banner_04 burlap fball banner_05 burlap fball banner_06

Now that the house is ready, let’s kick off the season!  Go Jackets! And tigers…


Summer Shell Art

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be a contributor on skirt! magazine‘s blog!  Every few weeks I’ll be posting something related to their latest issue.  You can find my first post on their blog here, and I’ll also be sharing on my blog 🙂  Here’s my first post for summer:

As a kid, one of my favorite summer pastimes was collecting sea shells from the beach.  I used to have containers of my treasures in my closet growing up and loved going through them and remembering great trips.  But why keep the shells in boxes tucked away in a closet?  Why not proudly display them in your home?

When I moved into my first solo apartment after college a few years ago, I needed something to put on my empty walls, and looked to my beach finds for help.  Within an hour I had painted a wooden frame, added a burlap background, attached a starfish on top, and hung it on my wall!  Ever since then I’ve been finding different ways to create art out of sea shells, sharks teeth and oyster shells that I find around the lowcountry.

Today I’ll walk you through an easy beach craft that you can make no matter your ago, and that can be customized to any room in your house!

Shell Art

What you’ll need:

  • Canvas
  • Various sea shells & beach finds
  • Goop adhesive

You can find regular or burlap canvases, as well as the Goop adhesive at your local craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and be sure to use a coupon 🙂

First, clean the sand off of your shells and let them dry on a paper towel.  Then arrange the shells on the canvas in whatever design you want.  Get creative!  You can create a geometric design, a shape, or even write something out.  I opted to make a wave out of sharks teeth, a heart and the palmetto and crescent with sea shells and just individual oyster shells on smaller canvases.

Next you’ll want to attach the shells to the canvas one at a time using the Goo adhesive.  Note: Goo adhesive is really strong like a liquid cement.  If you don’t have any, hot glue will work, but will not be as secure or permanent.

Finally, hang the canvas on your wall, stand back, and admire your work!

shell art 08shell art 06shell art 04 shell art 07 If you’re feeling extra crafty, paint the canvas or shells to match your room.  A fun colored canvas will give your shells and the room an extra pop!  The options are endless with a full spectrum of paint colors and a box of your favorite beach finds.

oyster shell canvas 05

shell art 05