Projects as of Lately

I know my DIY posts have been lacking lately, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafting!

I made a custom word cloud pillow similar to the Charleston one I have for Marc & Melissa’s 2nd anniversary.  Marc chose the colors to match their master bedroom and gave me the words so I could make it happen.  A unique take on the cotton anniversary.pillow case_custom 01

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.17.29 PMThe custom home slate coasters have also been popular for Father’s day.  I made some for a customer to represent where all the children lived which was a cute idea.  coaster_state_group 03There must be a lot of engagements too because the monogrammed oyster shell dishes are going like hot cakes!  I’ve made several for friends & customers, plus a few to be used to ask friends to be their bridesmaid – so cute.

Monogram-DishI’ve also been playing with some new designs.  I worked on ‘The World is your Oyster’ theme and found a design I like, so have made pillows & shatterproof wine glasses with the saying on it.glasses_wine_oyster 01 pillow case_oyster_white_01I have wanted to expand the Charleston pillow design to other cities and made one for East Cooper which includes Mt. Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms.  I’m also working on one for Greenville, SC now 🙂

pillow case_east cooper_white 01

I promise to have more DIY posts soon — with upcoming engagement and baby showers, you’re sure to see something fun soon.  Plus I always have a supply of wine corks to play with..



Printed Materials

I thought it’d be fun to share different aspects of our wedding on my blog (We all knew I was going to share my projects, right??), and follow suit with the “Wedding Wednesday” theme other bloggers do.  Since our official pictures haven’t come back yet, I’m starting with the printed materials!

Thanks to Lisa rubbing her designer skills off on me, I wanted to create a “brand” for the wedding so everything big and small felt related.  I knew the blue watercolor would be the main theme in the wedding, and all the design elements I liked started coming together when we created the Save the Dates.  It was easy to just keep those things consistent for everything else I needed!


I worked with a co-worker’s wife, Lindsay (from Lindsay Creative), to design our invitations.  I gave her some ideas, she sent some options and envelopes, and we picked one.  It was seriously as simple and easy as that – she made it painless.  The water color & grocery bag envelopes were the perfect look for me.FullSizeRender (12)

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Once I had Illustrator on my Mac, I tried my hand at designing our programs.  Lisa helped me set up my artboards, and gave me some tips, but these were pretty straight forward as well, thanks to having fonts, colors, and the watercolor files on hand.  Then I just printed them at a local shop!

wedding_program 02WILDS WEDDING-WILDS WEDDING-0205

Cocktail Napkins

The bar and food stations provided white napkins, but personalized cocktail napkins are such  a fun touch — especially for a great price!  I found a cocktail napkin design I liked on Wedding Paper Diva‘s site, asked for a font change, and bought them during a sale.

wedding_napkin 01

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It’s the South, specifically South Carolina, so it was a given that our favors were going to be fun koozies to keep your drink cold.  My friend Erin pointed me to CoffeItDesigns on Etsy where she ordered her wedding koozies, and I found a design we loved (which also included one of our fonts) so I ordered these in back in January. Plus these were great for all the Red Stripe on our honeymoon 😉

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Since I started making pillows for my Etsy shop, it was only fitting that I made some to put on the rocking chairs at the reception.  I mimicked the design on the front and back of our koozies on two pillows (thanks to my Cricut).  I sewed 2 other pillows with some blue and white patterned fabric I found at  Hobby Lobby.

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The week of the wedding I was done with all of my projects and almost didn’t know what to do with myself at night.  So what did I do? Made 2 wine glasses that again mimicked the koozies for us to drink out of throughout the weekend.  These were made from the shatterproof glasses, so they’ll be perfect for the beach later!


Misc Signs

I also made some other signs for all the other things you don’t even think about.  Maggie, my chalkboard sign extraordinaire and bridesmaid, made us a welcome & thanks chalkboard that we put next to the sidewalk as you were walking up to the venue to greet our guests.  She even matched the writing of our names to the koozies — it’s the small things.

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Since we weren’t having assigned seats, we wanted to reserve two tables up front for our families to have.  I created some ‘Reserved’ signs in Illustrator, printed them out and put them in frames to be placed on the tables.

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In today’s world it seems like every event has a hashtag, and we were no different.  Our hashtag was #TimeToGetWilds, so I made a sign with that info to be put on the bar, so our guests could use the hashtag when posting their pictures, and we’d easily be able to go back and see them all.


Finally, food.  Since I have food allergies, I’m always looking to see what’s in dishes to make sure I can eat it, so I made sure to have signs out next to any food.  Crazy Dutchman covered all the food stations, and I created cards for our mason jar desserts.  I used the wine cork place cardholders as a base, and printed little cards with the dessert info on them.

wedding_signs 04

Even the mason jar desserts got in on the action.  I sent Karen a design based on our wedding brand for the custom labels on the lids and they were on all 4 of the flavors we had.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.08.50 PM

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I think I achieved my goal for all of the signs and materials to be cohesive, whether printed, created, or written!  Yay for talented friends, Illustrator, and my Cricut!


Iron On Pillows

I’ve made iron on pillows once before, to spruce up our place for the holidays, but I wanted to try it again using the Cricut to make the cutting process WAY easier and give me more design options.  I found some basic black iron on transfer at Michael’s, pillow cases at Hobby Lobby, and was off!

Iron On Pillows

What you’ll need:

  • Iron on transfer paper
  • Pillow cover
  • Cricut
  • Weeding tool
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Dish towel

First, decide on a design.  After way too much thought, I went the simple route and wrote out a phrase in Design Space.  When you’re ready to cut it out, make sure to click the box to reverse the design for iron on.  Extremely important step…  Also, put the iron on transfer paper on the mat shiny side down.  Then let the Cricut go to work!

beach pillow 01

Once your design is cut on the iron on transfer, you’ll need to “weed out” the extra around the letters.  I have a tool specifically for this that came with the Cricut.   It kinda reminds me of a dental tool, but makes the process a lot easier.

beach pillow 02

When you have weeded all the excess away, you’ll be left with a reversed view of your design.

beach pillow 03

Ready for a fail?  The first time I tried this, I wanted to iron the design on this cute chevron burlap pillow case I got at Hobby Lobby.  I should have known that iron + burlap = disaster… but didn’t, so I was pretty surprised to lift up the dish towel and see a terribly crinkly mess.  So what did I learn? Burlap based pillow cases are a no go with iron on.

beach pillow 04

Round two, this time with a cotton pillow case 🙂  Preheat the pillow where the design will go with your iron for a few seconds.  Then lay down the design, sticky side down so the design isn’t reversed, where you want it on the pillow.

Place a thin dish towel on top and iron.  Hold the iron for about 30 seconds, then lift and place on another part of the design.  When you’ve ironed the design, remove the dish towel and start to lift the clear backing of the iron on transfer away from the design.  If it’s still attached, iron it for a few more seconds until done.

beach pillow 05

Voila!  Your pillow is done and ready for an insert.

beach pillow 08

Not bad for my first second attempt at iron on pillows using the Cricut!  Since it does the cutting and has the backing to keep the design in place, this time around was much easier and more professional looking.  Using an exacto knife was way more time consuming and had more room for errors.

beach pillow 06

beach pillow 07

After making the love one, I put an anchor on a fun blue chevron fabric. This just got addicting..

pillow case_anchor 01

What other phrases or designs should I put on pillows?  I’m thinking a fun Charleston one next… PS – You can find all my pillows in my Etsy shop!

Side Projects

I’ve been making a lot of things for friends lately, and wanted to share with y’all what I’ve been working on even though they’re not “new” projects.

USC Pillows

After my friend Will saw the Clemson pillow I made for Panda, he asked if I could make some USC ones for him and his parents.  We came up with a design (the state outline and USC emblem), then I got to work!

will 01

will 02 I can’t wait to see these in their new homes!

Wedding Date Canvas

Kaylee is getting married the week before us and liked the date on burlap canvas I made, so I did one for her!  I couldn’t find the smaller burlap canvases at Michael’s anymore, but got bigger ones which allowed us to personalize it a bit more.  In other news, I’m obsessed with the “&” in Carolyna pro.


Etsy Shop

I’ve also been busy with some Etsy sales!  I made a Washington state home pillow for a customer, and learned a little bit about U.S. geography.  Plus my little helper had to check out what I was doing..


I’ve also been trying to prepare my shop and my inventory for the holiday season.  I made another batch of small, medium, and large soy oyster shell candles so they’re ready to ship.  You’ll be seeing some other holiday crafts coming soon that I’m hoping to also offer on my shop!

oyster candle 08

<plug> When you’re starting to think about buying presents for the holidays, I hope you keep me in mind!  I’m happy to make almost anything, and ship it as soon as possible.  You can use code BLOG20OFF for 20% off until Christmas! </plug>

Hand Painted College Pillows

In August when I made the home pillows, I mentioned some college ones that Hunter loved, but I didn’t want on our bed.  Since football season was here, and I promised to make Amanda something a long time ago, I thought it was finally time for the college pillows.

Hand Painted College Pillows

What you’ll need:

  • 18″ x 18″ pillow case
  • Paint (fabric or acrylic)
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • 18″ x 18″ pillow insert

The same way you start the other pillows, get a picture of the state you’re going to use and have it handy.  Draw the outline of the state on the pillow case.  Then sketch out the words / images for the rest of your design.  This meant ‘Clemson’ and a paw print.

Note: I learned that the Clemson paw print has some characteristics that normal paw prints don’t have.  It should be pointed to 1 o’clock, and have an indentation at the bottom. Thanks for the lesson, Hunter & Kirstin!

pillow case 06

Honestly, I think the hardest thing is getting the words to look great: script-y, yet readable, and still easy to paint.

Next, paint over your pencil marks. I used white outlines for the state and text, and then orange for the paw print. I’m not thrilled about how the L turned out, but not a bad first try.  After the paint dries, put a pillow insert in.

pillow case 07

After finishing the Clemson pillow and snapping a picture, I shipped the cover to Amanda in Napa!   She sent me a pretty sweet picture with the pillow during the Clemson / ND game — I’d like to think it brought the tigers luck 😉

pillow case 08

Interested in a custom college pillow? Reach out to me on Etsy and I’d be happy to make one for you!

Full transparency: I had all intentions of making Clemson and Georgia Tech versions of these pillows to put on our couch for the fall — I had the covers, and just had to sketch and paint them.  Then the corn hole boards took way longer than I thought they would (how are they still in progress?!?!), I’m trying to refinish my old desk, update the guest room, and work on the office… Needless to say, the college pillows for us took a back seat to all my other projects, and likely won’t get done this year.  So my drafted post about making one for Panda and some for us, is now just a post on her pillow!  Life, eh?