Color Blocked Easter Eggs

Considering the amount of Christmas decor I have it’s a little surprising that I don’t really have any decor for January – March.  Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day just haven’t been big on my decor radar, so I decided I wanted to so a little something to put out for Easter & spring.

I’m sure everyone knows that I prefer to make seasonal decorations that blend in with our home’s colors, and got the idea to make some Easter eggs similar to my color blocked pumpkins for fall.

Color Blocked Easter Eggs

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden Easter eggs
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray paint
  • Gloves

This is a another quick project – start by wrapping half of the egg in painter’s tape (the half you want to keep plain wood).  Make sure the edges are pressed firmly to the wood so no paint can bleed through.Next, spray paint the other half of the egg whatever colors you want!  I went for a mix of sea foam, silver, and navy blue eggs.  Since you have to hold the eggs while you spray them, make sure to wear gloves to protect your fingers.Now let them dry.  Use an egg carton to set the eggs in, paint side up, so they can dry without messing up the paint.  Spray another coat if it needs it – the lighter eggs did, but silver was good after only one coat.Once the eggs are dry, remove the painter’s tape and put them in a container. I opted for a mini clam shell bowl that I had to throw in a coastal feel.

Easy Easter centerpiece is done!  And they look great on our new counters 🙂 Not bad for a few bucks!  I’ll be keeping these around for next year..


Lauren’s Painted Hello Doormat

Our good friends Lauren and TJ recently moved into their new house in Mt. Pleasant and are now having fun making it their own.  I feel like we all want to make the entrance to our homes welcoming, and she did a such great job with theirs! Lauren found a pin for a black and white hello doormat, and decided to make one for their front porch… and now I’m sharing the instructions to make your own!

Painted Hello Doormat

What you’ll need:

  • Basic coir doormat
  • Black spray paint
  • Chalk
  • White paint
  • Paint brush

You can find a basic tan doormat in almost every home store, or you can give an old one you already have a facelift!  That’s exactly what Lauren did, and I love that even more.  #recycle  Here’s the doormat before the transformation:

doormat_lauren 01

Step one is to paint the doormat black using the spray paint.  Remember to have something underneath to protect the surface you’re spray painting on.  This is definitely going to take a few coats, as the doormat absorbs the paint all the way down.  Do as many coats as you need, making sure to let it fully dry in-between coats.

Next, you’ll add the ‘hello’ on top.  Lauren came over and I free handed the letters in chalk on the mat for her.  The chalk step lets you get the letters in the perfect place, and allows you to erase any mistakes  😉

doormat_lauren 03

Finally, paint over the chalk outline with white paint and a paint brush.  Like the black paint, it will probably take a few coats before you get the color coverage that you’re looking for.  Here’s a picture after the first coat:

doormat_lauren 04

Once the color is what you want, and the paint is dry, it’s ready to go by the door!  Seriously, how cute does this look?

doormat_lauren 05

All in all the project is super cheap compared to the $75 options found online!  Plus you can customize the doormat to say anything you want, and use any combination of colors to match your front entrance — that’s my kind of project!

Oyster Shells on Canvas

This is another example of a project I came up with in my head that I decided would be a great weekend project to knock out in an hour.  Plus, I had most of the supplies on hand, so I just needed to grab some small canvases the next time I was at Michael’s (which is pretty frequently).

Oyster Shells on Canvas

What you’ll need:

  • 4 oyster shells
  • Gold spray paint
  • 4  4″x6″ canvases
  • Navy blue spray paint
  • Clear sealer
  • Liquid cement or hot glue gun

First things first, you’ll want to paint your oyster shells and canvases.  I laid out a big piece of cardboard, put my oyster shells on one side and spray painted the backs of them gold.  Since the shells are going to be mounted, you’ll want to use some that are similar in size, and that are flatter.

oyster shell canvas 01

On the other side of the cardboard, I laid out my 4 canvases, and spray painted them blue.

oyster shell canvas 02

It took about 3 coats of blue to get the canvases completely covered and to the shade I was looking for.

When the gold was dry on the oysters, I hand painted the edges gold, then sprayed the top with a clear sealer.  Now you’re ready to attach.

oyster shell canvas 03

Get your hot glue gun ready and use it to attach one shell to the middle of a canvas.  Tip: Sit the shell on the table first and see the places where it’s touching the table.  Those are the points that you’ll want to put the hot glue, where it will attach to the canvas.

Put the glue on those points and press it onto the canvas.  I tried to press the canvas and the shell tight in those spots to make sure it was firmly attached.  Repeat for the remaining 3 shells.

Note: You can also use a liquid adhesive like Goop for a sturdier and more permanent hold.

oyster shell canvas 06

When they’re dry, you’ll have a set of 4 oyster shell canvases!
oyster shell canvas 05

You can hang them on your wall as a set of 4, or use them individually in various spots!  The best part of canvas, is that there’s already the lip that the nail can hang on.

oyster shell canvas 04IMG_7126So for about $10 and a little time, you can add a classy, coastal flair to your wall!  Or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making it yourself, you can find these on my shop!

Spray Painted “Love” Sign

This is a SUPER easy project that I shared on Instagram the other day, and thought I’d mention here too.  I am a huge believer that paint can change the look of anything with just a little time and effort, and that is exactly what I did here. Spray paint + 30 minutes = cute sign for the bookshelf.

Painted Love Sign

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden sign
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray paint

I found this cute wooden “LOVE” sign at Hobby Lobby one day that was 50% off.  I wasn’t crazy about the multi-colored bottom, but knew that could be an easy fix with minimal effort, so I brought it home.love_01

I taped off the wooden part of the block letters using painters tape.  I wrapped the tape all the way around, and made sure to get in all the crevices so blue paint wouldn’t be everywhere.  This part took the longest, but is crucial for straight paint lines.

Next, just spray paint the bottom whatever color you choose! I have big pieces of cardboard that I put under whatever I’m painting to protect the driveway, so grab that or some newspaper before getting crazy with paint.  I had some leftover sea glass blue spray paint from ornaments I made in December that I decided to use.  Since it wasn’t a solid color, it took a few more coats than normal, but the look is the same.  Apply enough coats to get the desired color, allowing enough time to dry in-between.

Voila — You have a refinished wooden sign!  Now it matches our decor and looks way better for no extra cost.  Those are the best types of projects in my book 🙂

NOEL Letters

This was one of the Christmas projects that I decided to do while perusing the aisles of Michael’s one day.  I grabbed the letters, and knew I’d figure out the rest later.  I did know one thing, I wanted each letter to be done in a different way, and made room for them on the bookshelf in our living room before I even started on them.

NOEL Letters

What you’ll need:

  • 6″ Wooden letters
  • Spray paint
  • Twine
  • Hot glue
  • Paper map
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors

Since I decided I wanted every letter to be different, I needed to figure out what every letter was going to look like.  One would be wrapped in twine, one would be decoupaged (because I literally can’t stop), and the others would be painted different colors.

First: Painted N & L

This is as easy as it sounds.  I took the N and L outside, put down my handy cardboard and spray painted them silver and blue. Bam, done.

noel 03

Second: Twine wrapped O

Put a little bit of hot glue on the letter, and attach the twine.  Then wrap the twine around the letter, making sure to keep it tight, and close enough together so you don’t see any white coming through.

noel 01

About a quarter of the way around the O, I put another dab of hot glue, so it would be secure there as well.

noel 02

Not long after, I ran out of twine, but bought more and continued until the O was completely wrapped.

noel 06

Third: Decoupaged E

As I mentioned, I’ve been obsessed with decoupaging everything lately so it’s not surprising one of the letters would be covered in a map.  Probably not the smartest idea to decoupage the letter with the most sides, but I did anyways.

Start by printing your map and tracing around the E on the map with extra room on the outside so it when it’s cut, it will cover the sides.  Cut out the E shape and make a few extra cuts to make it easy to apply to the wooden E.

noel 04

Apply mod podge to the wooden E, and start to apply the map.  Instead of trying to do it all at once, I applied a little bit of mod podge to the letter (like the top of the E, then applied the map in that area, and moved on to another area.

Slowly work your way around the E, making sure you wrap the map around the sides, and keep any bubbles out.  Once it’s covered, apply another layer of mod podge on top to seal it in.

noel 05

Once the mod podge is dry, your letters are ready to be displayed!

noel 08

noel 07 It’s no surprise I like the mismatched look, but I also like that you can customize this to match your decor, whatever it may be!  What colors and materials would you cover your NOEL letters?