DIY Cheers Glasses for NYE with Cricut

It might still be a few days before Christmas, but I’m thinking about New Years Eve!  Since Clemson is playing that night, we’ll not only be celebrating the New Year, but watching some football.  Since we’ll also be hosting a party, that means I wanted to make something festive.

Cheers Champagne Glasses

What you’ll need:

  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Gold vinyl
  • Weeder tool
  • Scissors
  • Transfer tape
  • Scraper tool
  • Champagne glasses

To start, create the ‘Cheers’ design.  One option is creating it all in Design Space by typing ‘cheers,’ choosing a font and welding the letters together.

Since I wanted to use some of the glyphs in the Isabella font, I used Illustrator to create the text, then exported it as a png file.  This is what I had:


Next, I imported the cheers file into Design Space and set it up for cutting.  Since this is regular vinyl, you don’t need to mirror the image – just arrange it on the mat, turn the Cricut to ‘vinyl’ setting on the machine, and cut on your gold vinyl!


Once it’s cut, remove the design from the mat, cut your design out and weed the excess from around the cheers adhere the vinyl to the glasses, you’ll need to use transfer tape.  Cut enough transfer tape to cover the ‘cheers’ design.  Pull away the backing of the transfer tape and apply the clear, sticky piece to the top of the cut out ‘cheers’ vinyl.  Use your scraper tool to make sure the transfer tape is on the vinyl well, and push out any air bubbles that may have formed.

diy-cheers-glasses_03When the vinyl is sticking to the transfer tape, slowly remove the back of the vinyl paper.  It’s key to go slowly so all of the vinyl is securely lifting away with the transfer tape and the backing is removed.

Arrange the transfer tape with the cheers design on it where you want on the glass.  Place it on the glass and use your fingers to smooth the vinyl down on the glass.

Finally, remove the transfer tape from the glasses.  Again, move slowly so you make sure that the gold vinyl design stays on the champagne glass and only the transfer tape is being removed.  Once the tape is off, your glass is done!  Repeat the process for the rest of your glasses.

diy-cheers-glasses_08diy-cheers-glasses_07 diy-cheers-glasses_06 I made a similar version for my friend Lauren’s wedding in October with a larger ‘Cheers’ design that wrapped across the side.  All of us bridesmaids drank from them the morning of the wedding and they looked great! (Photos: Dana Cubbage)

CHEERS to the upcoming new year and really, celebrating all the small things in life!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.




CK on Lowcountry Live

I have some exciting news – some of my Coastal Kelder products were on our local morning show, Lowcountry Live!

My friend Liz, of Charleston Weekender, does segments with them and reached out to me to be part of the oyster themed segment this past week.  I was thrilled to be part of it, and have my products on tv (!!!!!) so did a lot of pre-work to get ready for this past Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning I headed to the station (in my seashell shirt), and arranged my oyster things on the table.  We were going to be first, so it gave us plenty of time to set up before the show started, and take some pictures.img_9877fullsizerender-22

Jennifer (from Zags Life), and I stood behind scenes and watched as Erin & Tom recorded the promo pieces, started the show and then moved over to our area for the piece with Liz.
img_9870 img_9871 To finish the segment they gave away a package from Oyster House and then an Instagram giveaway of my ‘The World is your Oyster’ shatterproof wine glass + oyster shell ornaments & a Zags oyster printed sun wrap.img_9838


You can watch the whole segment below:

Cheers to the impossible actually happening!


Recent Cricut Projects

Although my DIY posts may be lacking, I’ve been making lots of items with my Cricut lately.  Here’s what I’ve been up to..

A co-worker got a new mailbox after Hurricane Matthew took out their old one, and asked if my Cricut could help with mailbox numbers.  It seemed like the vinyl I use would work, so he gave me a file that matched their house numbers, I made a set and applied them to both sides of the mailbox!  Who would’ve thought you could make your mailbox look snazzy with your Cricut?


We wanted to send a lil present to our friends who are expecting their first child and are gamecock fans (he played for their football team!), so a gamecock onesie seemed perfect.  I even made this the day after USC beat Tennessee unexpectedly.img_9751

A friend was hosting a baby shower and asked if I could make onesies for a onesie garland like I did for Maggie’s shower.  Dare I say that I like how the boy monogram is laid out?


I’ve also been busy making more pillows as orders come in and also trying to stock up the shop for Christmas.  I love some of the custom orders I’ve gotten in.pillow-case_custom-05 pillow-case_chs-quote_white-05

I was playing around in Illustrator recently and came up with a new oyster themed design around the saying “Aw shucks.”  It seemed perfect for oyster season, so I made a few wine glasses for the shop.


November & December are popular for engagements, and I made some champagne glasses for a friend to celebrate her sister’s engagement.  I love being part of those happy moments!

glasses_champagne-monogramFinally, I was so excited that my Columbia & Greenville pillows are now ready!  My word cloud pillows started out as a Cricut project, but now I get them screen printed so I can crank them out quicker.  The whole South Carolina set is ready in time for the holidays!

pillow-case_columbia_white-01 pillow-case_greenville_white-01

PS – You can find all my Cricut projects here!


Projects as of Lately

I know my DIY posts have been lacking lately, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafting!

I made a custom word cloud pillow similar to the Charleston one I have for Marc & Melissa’s 2nd anniversary.  Marc chose the colors to match their master bedroom and gave me the words so I could make it happen.  A unique take on the cotton anniversary.pillow case_custom 01

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.17.29 PMThe custom home slate coasters have also been popular for Father’s day.  I made some for a customer to represent where all the children lived which was a cute idea.  coaster_state_group 03There must be a lot of engagements too because the monogrammed oyster shell dishes are going like hot cakes!  I’ve made several for friends & customers, plus a few to be used to ask friends to be their bridesmaid – so cute.

Monogram-DishI’ve also been playing with some new designs.  I worked on ‘The World is your Oyster’ theme and found a design I like, so have made pillows & shatterproof wine glasses with the saying on it.glasses_wine_oyster 01 pillow case_oyster_white_01I have wanted to expand the Charleston pillow design to other cities and made one for East Cooper which includes Mt. Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms.  I’m also working on one for Greenville, SC now 🙂

pillow case_east cooper_white 01

I promise to have more DIY posts soon — with upcoming engagement and baby showers, you’re sure to see something fun soon.  Plus I always have a supply of wine corks to play with..


Misc Bachelorette Crafts

I seriously had a blast at my bachelorette weekend in Savannah — thank you to ALL who made it so special and fun!  Today I’m sharing a few of the other little crafts and gifts that my sister and I collaborated on.

Drink Glasses

Lauren was super excited about having a mimosa bar on Saturday morning, so we decided we wanted some fun cups that everyone could use on the beach, and take home for later.  We found these great recyclable shatterproof plastic wine glasses on Amazon that were shipped to my house.

The hardest part was coming up with what to put on them.  We couldn’t decide between a quote, or design, but ultimately ended up with anchors and names.

Thanks to the Cricut, I just designed the anchors, cut & adhered those to the glasses, then cut everyone’s name in white, and layered them on top of the anchor.

bach glasses 01bach glasses 03IMG_7439

To keep with the colors Lauren wanted to use, I printed gold anchors and put those on all the extra glasses we had.  The best part: making 24 custom shatterproof wine glasses only cost ~$30!  The extra ones will be perfect for the boat or beach too.bach glasses 04

There was a little bar area on the side between the main living room and dining area, so we cleared off the bottom two shelves and put the glasses on there for everyone to take.  (Link to make the banner here)IMG_5061

Anchor Garland

After making the banners, I had some leftover card stock, and anchors that had been cut out and discarded.  This got me thinking that if I cut out more anchors, I could tie them to twine and make a garland!  So that’s exactly what I did…

garland_anchor 03garland_anchor 05

One of the strands was inside in the living room, and the other went on the porch, by the big outdoor eating table.


Beach = sunglasses, and Lauren ordered some cheap blue ones online for everyone.  I had just gotten some gold chrome vinyl in, so we decided to put the event hashtag (that she so cleverly came up with) on the side.bach_shades 01bach_shades 02

The sunglasses were perfect to wear on the Savannah slow ride and we got some cute pics of them on.IMG_0011IMG_0014By the way, I have been waiting ever so patiently to share all of this.  We started working on all of this back in January, and Lauren has been laughing at me knowing that I had already drafted a post to share it all…  Needless to say, I’m still loving the Cricut 🙂