Favorite DIY Projects for Our Wedding

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we got married!  I was so excited for our wedding weekend last May that it seemed like it took forever to get there and now it’s a year later!

One of the fun things for me about remembering that weekend was thinking of all the DIY projects I included.  It wouldn’t have been our wedding without a lil Coastal Kelder flair!  I knew I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by doing everything, but had a nice balance of things I made versus things I designed or outsourced to others to produce.

As a fun wedding Wednesday post, I wanted to look back at my favorite DIY projects from our wedding day.

Greenery Wreath

This wasn’t something I expected to make, but when I realized our cocktail hour would be in front of the house at the Island House, I knew the door needed a wreath.  I bought a few types of faux greenery and put a wreath together.  Perk: It’s great on our front door year round.

Directional Sign

The only thing I “built” was this directional sign to let guests know where the different parts of the wedding were, since everything was at one venue.  I was big into ombre at the time (and still now), so used different shades of blue and painted the letters on as well.


I was just getting into making pillows when our wedding was coming up and wanted to make some for the rocking chairs that matched our koozies.  Hunter’s grandma loved them so much she took one home 🙂

Oyster shell ring dishes

You had to expect the original Coastal Kelder project to be at our wedding.  I brought my silver one for our rings and gave monogrammed ones to my bridesmaids in their day of gifts with pearl earrings.

Save the Dates & Programs

I had a whole vision with a blue watercolor design for our save the dates and invitations and loved creating the save the dates, thank you notes and programs myself and working with Lindsay to make the invitations.



Semi Homemade: Magnolia Welcome Wreath

I have wanted to make a magnolia wreath and garland for at least a year now.  Maybe it’s the Southern in me, or the magnolia trees on my grandparents’ yard (that my Granddad hated), but I just love them.  I’ve tried to find some fake magnolia sprigs that I could use, but they’re always so expensive, so I was thrilled when I found a wreath for practically nothing last week.

Semi Homemade Magnolia Welcome Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Magnolia wreath
  • Wooden phrase sign
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors

magnolia-wreath-02Like I mentioned, I found this magnolia wreath at Hobby Lobby for $30 (using a 40% off coupon).  When I added up how much the multiple sprigs of magnolia leaves would be, it was a no brainer to just buy the wreath and save my time & money.magnolia-wreath-01During the same trip I found the magnolia leaf wreath, I decided to look for maybe a lil sign to hang on top of it.  I found a wooden “hi” sign that fit the bill AND had little hooks on the back to make it easy to attach to my wreath.

Okay, ready for the simple, semi-homemade part?

Cut 2 longer pieces of floral wire, and thread them through the hooks on the back of the wooden sign.

Place the wooden sign on the wreath where you like it, fasten the floral wire to the wreath, and twist it to secure it.magnolia-wreath-05

Boom. You’re done. And you’ve maybe spent 15 minutes on the whole thing, including shopping.magnolia-wreath-04

Hang the wreath on your door, and stand back to admire your $28 wreath that Joanna Gaines would be proud of.  It wasn’t as hands on or DIY as I anticipated, but I’ll take savings anytime  😉

magnolia-wreath-07 magnolia-wreath-08 magnolia-wreath-06Now about that magnolia leaf garland….


Mini Oyster Shell Wreath

It’s been almost 2 years since I made my first oyster shell wreath, and I decided to make a mini version for Christmas!  Really, I saw the cute mini boxwood wreaths with striped ribbon on Pinterest and wanted to do a coastal version of my own – surprising huh?

Mini Oyster Shell Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Oyster shells!
  • 6″ floral & craft ring
  • Goop liquid cement
  • Clear acrylic gloss spray
  • Ribbon

I used smaller & flatter oyster shells, and found that it took about 7-8 for a mini wreath.  Everything else can be found at your local craft shop!shell-wreath-01

First, arrange the shells on your craft ring..shell-wreath-03

Then use the liquid cement to attach them to the craft ring.  I did this in 2 iterations: First to attach them, then the next day I went around and added some more Goop where I thought it might be needed.shell-wreath-04

I wasn’t sure if I wanted my shells to be facing up or down, so I ended up making 2 different versions.  This is what they looked like when they were attached to the craft rings.shell-wreath-05Next, spray the tops of the shells with the clear sealer to seal the shells in and add some shine.  You could probably do this before you attach the shells too.shell-wreath-06

Finally use the  ribbon and hang your new mini oyster shell wreaths!


I might end up hanging mine on the mirror by the entry when I pull the rest of our Christmas stuff out.   When is it acceptable to do that? Because we all know I’m waiting…


Fall Craft Ideas

It’s officially fall, and the temperature is finally below 90!  To celebrate, I’m sharing some of my favorite fall crafts that I’ve made over the years.  Click the name to link to that DIY project and make your own!

Cotton Boll Wreath

This cotton boll wreath is my favorite wreath I’ve ever made.  With a total cost of less than $35, it’s no wonder why it’s my most shared DIY project on Pinterest!

DIY cotton boll wreath

Wine Cork Pumpkin

With wine corks always laying around, it’s easy to put a wine cork pumpkin together and you can paint the pumpkin whatever color you want to match your decor!  The more natural look fits right in with our home decor.

DIY wine cork pumpkin

Candy Corn Mason Jars

The candy corn mason jars were one of the first projects I blogged about, and they still come out as decor.  I still think they look cute years later and they’re great kids Halloween decor.

painted candy corn mason jars

Color Block Pumpkins

The color block pumpkins were the first time I had played with craft pumpkins before, and I was really into making non orange & brown fall decorations.  Again, you can customize these how you want to match your home & decor!


Mummy Mason Jars

These were a quick project from last year, and one that would be great to make with kids.  They only take a few minutes to make and look adorable during the day, or lit up with a tea light at night!

DIY mummy mason jars for Halloween

Decoupaged Map Pumpkin

Last year I went through a big decoupage kick and wanted to put maps on everything.  The cutest map project was my pumpkin, that’s back out and on the mantle this year.

DIY decoupaged map pumpkin

What are your favorite crafts or decor that you’ve made for fall?


4th of July DIY Inspiration

Hosting a party for the 4th of July (or Olympics Opening Ceremony) and looking for some easy ways to decorate with red, white, and blue?  I’ve got you covered.  Each project links back to a post with instructions on what to do 🙂

Starfish American Flag

If you live by the coast, this is the perfect project.  Grab a canvas, some paint, a starfish and you’ve got a beachy American flag to display!

usa flag 02

Ribbon & Throw Pillows

I love this idea from On Sutton Place — just put some white and green blooms out in natural jars, tie some red, white and blue ribbon around the top and your table will look effortlessly patriotic. Throw pillows are the easiest way to change the look of a space, so bring out some with fun, American colors and it’s an instant upgrade.

usa ribbn

American Flag Mason Jars

If you have mason jars, small American flags, crushed up shells or sand, and some tea lights around your house then you’re ready to throw this together for a simple centerpiece.

flag jar 01 USA Burlap Wreath

Just like throw pillows instantly update seating, a wreath can update your front door!  This burlap wreath has a summery & coastal vibe without being too overwhelming.

garden_summer 2016 04

Painted Mason Jars

This might be my favorite mason jar paint job.  There’s something about mason jars that are so American and the way Maison De Pax just added a plate underneath and white flowers in the jars is literally simply perfect.

usa flag jars

If all else fails, just put out your American flag, crack open one of the new Bud / Bud light branded cans and raise one up for America’s birthday!