In today’s world people tend to glaze over failures, and only post things to social media to make it seem like they have the perfect life, meals, boyfriend, etc.  Well I am far from perfect, and I managed to screw up a recipe using the most foolproof cooking method, the crockpot.

I had MLK Day off from work, but Hunter didn’t, so I planned to have a roast cook during the day while I ran errands, and then it’d be done after work / class.  I couldn’t find my mom’s dependable roast recipe, so I went with a recipe I found online… In my head I was already planning on writing a post about my delicious roast we were going to eat that night, ha.

The recipe called for the roast to cook 5 hours on high, so around 6:30pm we checked on it and it looked like it had barely cooked.  Around 8pm we were both starving and the roast was just hanging out and not ready to eat, so we gave up and made Trader Joe’s orange chicken (best back up meal ever).

At this point we decided to keep the crockpot on so the roast would keep cooking, but turned it down to low.  Before bed, I got paranoid so turned it to warm so it staying on wouldn’t burn our place down.

24 hours later, we ate the longest crockpot roast ever cooked.  The potatoes were basically all mushed up, carrots were barely together, but the meat was finally tender and pulling apart.  After all of that, I thought it lacked flavor and wasn’t impressed.

I typically share new recipes that turn out great, or else tried and true recipes I’ve been making for years… but here’s a failure — just so you know my life (and all the recipes & crafts in it) isn’t perfect!

Cheers to having a backup meal ready!

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