Wrapping up the DIY decor from the baby shower we hosted with these food place cards!  I’m extra sensitive to what dishes are (and what’s in them) at events because of my food allergies, so I love when there are cards accompanying the dishes.  We all know I have terrible handwriting, so I decided to let my Cricut do the work and use up some of the scrap card stock from the flowers to create these one morning.

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DIY Place Cards

What you’ll need:

Alright, first we need to create the template for the place cards in Design Space.  Insert 2 squares on the canvas and make one colored and the other white.  Make sure the white on is on top (Arrange button and move to front).  Resize the pink one to be 4″ x 4″ and the white one to be 3″ x 3″.

Now add score lines to make folding the cards easier.  Insert 2 score lines (under shapes), rotate them to be horizontal and resize one to be 4″ long and the other to be 3″ long.  Select the 4″ score line and the pink square then center align them and attach.  Repeat for the 3″ score line and white square.  Select both squares (attached with their score lines) and center align them.

Time for words!  Type out one of your dish names, like “French Toast casserole”.  You’ll want to change the font to a writing style.  This means that there’s just 1 line for the font so the machine can write that line using a pen that you put in a clamp.

Write out your dish name, arrange it & center it on the bottom half of the white square and attach the white square & words.  Repeat for all of the place cards that you need.

Now it’s time to write & cut!  Click “Make it” in the top right and Cricut will separate all of your mats for you.  Make sure that the white mats have your squares with score lines & words on them like they were on your canvas.  Load your card stock on your standard mat, have your scoring tool & pen ready, and cut!  Cricut will tell you when to swap out the scoring tool for the pen as it does it’s thing.

Once everything is cut and written, you’ll have a lot of squares.  Fold each one on the score lines, add some glue to the back of the white squares and glue them to a colored square, centered on top.

Voila! You now have a ton of place cards for your food in the same colors as the rest of your party decor, and with nice, consistent writing 😉  We put these out by all the food & drinks so everyone knew what was what.

Not a bad way to use up some scrap card stock, label your dishes and tie into your event color scheme!  Plus it’s another project that takes less than an hour to whip up from start to finish.  I’m ready for the next event!

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