Like usual, I didn’t think about decorations for our New Years Eve party until after Christmas… so that means I have less than a week to pull some things together!  Our last New Years Eve party had a gold / white theme (thanks in part to GT playing in the orange bowl), so I decided to keep the same colors to make it easy on myself.  I wanted a little ‘Cheers’ banner to replace the Merry Christmas one above our bar, and whipped one up the night we got back from Georgia!

Cheers Banner

What you’ll need:

  • 1 12″x12″ Gold glitter piece of card stock
  • 1 12″x12″ white piece of card stock
  • Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine
  • Cricut spatula tool
  • Glue stick
  • Twine
  • Scissors

To start, I wrote out the word Cheers in Futura font and made the letters ~3″ tall.  Then I added a triangle shape to the design.  I unlocked the shape to make it the size I wanted, ~5″ tall and 4″ long at the top to fit each letter well.  When the triangle is the right size, copy it to make 6 – 1 for each letter.

cheers-banner_01Now it’s time to cut using your Cricut!  Cut the Cheers letters on your gold glitter card stock, then the 6 triangles on the white card stock.  I rearranged the way they had the triangles laid out so I could use the card stock more effectively.  Make sure your Cricut is on the card stock (or higher) setting, and cut!
cheers-banner_02 cheers-banner_03

When you cut on card stock, you’ll find that using the spatula tool helps get the card stock and cut letters off the mat easier without ripping the card stock (or letters).  cheers-banner_04Remove the triangles & letters from the card stock carefully.  The glitter card stock is thicker, so can be a lil trickier to cleanly remove the letters.cheers-banner_05

When everything is separated, you’re ready to glue the pieces together.  Use your glue stick and apply glue to the back of a letter and apply it to a white triangle.  Make sure to push the whole letter down so it’s on there securely.cheers-banner_06

Next, make holes in the corners of the triangles.  A hole punch is the easiest way to do this, but you could also use the tip of a Sharpie fine point pen to poke through the hole like I did.  Then you just need to thread some twine through the pieces to create the banner!cheers-banner_07

Within 30 minutes I made this banner and hung it above the bar.  The perfect sparkly touch for New Years Eve!

cheers-banner_09 cheers-banner_08 cheers-banner_11cheers-banner_10 An added bonus – I originally cut the Cheers letters too large for what I wanted, but still wanted to use them somewhere (can’t waste them!).  I poked holes in the letters, threaded twine through the holes like above, and added them to my wine cork wreath.  Now that’ll make a great first impression for the party!



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