If you’ve been to a college or NFL game in the last few years, then you’ve probably learned about the bag policies in place – You either need a clear bag or else a tiny bag to get into the game.  I learned the hard way at the 2015 ACC Championship about these new bag policies, but have been very aware of them ever since.  When I was recently going through Target’s Dollar Spot I spotted a cute navy blue small clutch that would be a perfect gift… and decided to turn it into a Georgia Tech clutch that could go into a game!

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Personalized College Football Clutch

What you’ll need:

Like I mentioned, I found the clutch in Target’s Dollar Spot for $3 – a total score.  They had several other colors too and these would be cute alone, but I knew I wanted to add some GT gold to it.

The first thing I did was open Design Space and create a design. I decided to put ‘Go Jackets’ on the back of it, so wrote out ‘go jackets’ and chose a scripty font.  With scripty fonts, you’ll need to connect the letters to make it one so click the word and select ‘Ungroup to letters’ from the advanced menu.

Then manually move the letters to overlap each other and create a the script words.  Select all the letters and weld them together so it will be 1 image instead of separate letters.

I measured the clutch to see what size the phrase needed to be and resized my design to be 6″ wide.

When you’re ready to cut, make sure to mirror the image since you’re going to iron it on.  I had some scrap golf htv laying around so put that on my mat and cut with my Maker!

Weed the excess htv away from your design with your weeder tool and then you’re ready to adhere the design to your clutch. I wasn’t quite sure what temperature to set my EasyPress to at first, but after some research decided that 265 degrees should work.  I put the clutch on a folded towel with my design on top, set my EasyPress to 265 degrees and 15 seconds and let the EasyPress do it’s thing.

After 15 seconds, I put the EasyPress back in it’s base and slowly removed the clear backing from the clutch. Just like that I had a game day clutch ready for the stadium!  I ended up adding the GT logo to the front as well and it’ll be perfect with my new necklace from The Tiny Tassel!

Georgia Tech hasn’t had the best season, but maybe we’ll do something big against Georgia this weekend – Go Jackets!

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