Yes, you read the title of this post right – we’re back with a One Room Challenge update! If it seems like this laundry room renovation has taken forever, well it’s because it has.

At this point I think we’ve taken a few breaks, but our eyes are on the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re motivated to finish this. Maybe it’s the new year, or me wanting to knock this room off our to-do list, but we’re making progress again!

Back in October, we painted the walls. We also picked out some flooring and were moving forward with that, until the floor guy never got back to us. After multiple attempts, we were stuck with some flooring samples, but no schedule to get it installed…

That delay stalled our progress until now. In the past week we have already accomplished a lot:

  • Picked out & ordered new flooring
  • Filled the nail holes in the window trim
  • Sanded the nail holes
  • Caulked the cabinet
  • Sanded & painted 3 coats of paint on the cabinet doors
  • Sanded & painted 2 coats of paint on the cabinet (inside & out)
  • Bought new receptacle and light switches

This is what the room looks like as of Monday:

Our “what’s remaining” list is getting shorter, hooray: Paint the trim, maybe paint 1 more coat on the cabinet (2nd coat is drying now), add hardware, install crown molding, replace all outlet & light switches, remove the old floors so the pros can install new floors and then finish installing the base boards.

The floors just came in and are scheduled to be installed this week, so we’re already queued up to make a lot of progress again next week (2 weeks in a row again, whattt?).

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